SOGEMI Engineering Srl: Leader in Thermal Reclamation of Chemical Bonded Sand Plant

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Sogemi has started developing  his thermal regeneration plant ,named Simplex ,at the beginning of ’90 . This system has been designed after many studies and experiences with the aim to have a plant really reliable with high performances and the lowest operative cost ,able to solve the problems  of foundries of chemically bonded sand discharge  .

With the thermal regeneration the foundry eliminates the cost of discharge of exhausted sand and the cost of buying new sand .

The sand inside the thermal regeneration plant has to be in granular size and free of any metallic particles .

According to the quantity resin contained in the sand  , the temperature inside of the combustion chamber will be between    700 -800 °C , in order to avoid any  emission of pollutants and to reach the requirement in loss of Ignition  .

Sogemi plant is characterized by :

  • Fluidized bed combustion chamber .
  • Energy recovery with heat exchange between Calcinated  hot sand ,coming from the combustion chamber , and fluidizing air before entering in the fluidized bed combustion chamber ,by means of a double independent circuit avoiding a direct contact between air and sand (no problem with maintenance of the air nozzles).
  • Control of the weight of the sand inside of the combustion chamber by means of weighing cells .
  • Complete combustion of all possible polluting substances , no need for  any post-combustion .
  • Proportional valve for combustion system ,to have a precise and efficient  control of the elements of the combustion .
  • Possibility to regenerate all  chemical bonded sand  types with different process : alkaline , polyurethanic , furan , shell molding , cold-box, hot box ..

ENERGY CONSUPTION  The energy consumption is influenced by the quantity of resin contained  in the sand , in consequence of its heating value . .

Specific consumption  is hereunder reported , considering a sand with 1,5% of resin :

  • Natural gas consumption (with heating value of  8.500 Kcal/Nm3) for ton of sand reclaimed :  20 Nm3/tons of treated sand , with higher quantity of resin inside the sand the consumption  of Gas can reach  17-18 Nm3/ton .
  • Electric power : 13 -50 Kw , depends on the size of the plant .
  • Yield in weight of sand ~ 98% .
  • Loss of ignition of sand after  thermal treatment (LOI) : 0,01 – 0,05% , depending on customer  requirements .

Sogemi produces different model thermal regeneration plant  with different capacity :

TUPY S.A in Brazil, URALVAGONZAVOD in Russia, AVIOCAST in Taiwan .

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