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Maicopresse Spa: Tradition of Excellence and Passion for Innovation

A recipe of success from the italian maker maicopresse

Established in 1975, Maicopresse has been a family-run business that marked many successful innovation steps through the decades.

The utter passion for excellence and the extensive use of drop-forged steel has walked together  with continuous investments into technological research and new solutions:

In the past years,  Maicopresse patented a unique “long stroke reversed clamping system”;  a smart , flexible and reasonably priced hydraulic bracketing system adaptable to any machine and any die;  an exclusive compensating device preventing pressure fluctuations in the accumulators and other many original features including  a special software allowing  remote troubleshooting , to end with the unique “Free APP” for smartphone that allows the access to all machine’s parameters from anywhere and anytime.

The recent efforts to expand the brand’s presence, already known and appreciated in Western Europe, to the much more dynamic  emerging countries, has paid off well especially concerning the most advanced development of Maicopresse:  the new and unique HYBRID series,  able to cut down 80% of the operating cost while increasing the performance through the use of electrically powered servo-actuators in charge to control the clamping system of the machine: an edge technology developed and made reliable for the die-casting industry through a  decade long experience accumulated with the injection molding machines, second business division of Maicopresse.

A recently organized sales and service network is now promoting all these cutting edge technologies abroad, where the second-generation family management is looking in order to fulfill their ambitions of growth of the brand.

Company Info

Maicopresse S.p.A.

Via Garza, 28
25010 Borgosatollo (BRESCIA)

Telephone: 030 2500211
Telefax: 030 2703181

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