Subject: Acquisition of the business branch "SAVELLI Engineering"

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I am delighted and proud to officially announce the acquisition, by our company, of the business branch of the historical Savelli S.p.A. called "SAVELLI Engineering" comprising the brand (SAVELLI since 1842), both technical and sales intellectual property, various domains ( and, references and spare parts business.

Savelli Technologies S.r.l. (nowadays marked by SAVELLI brand) is a company founded in 2016 by a group of former managers and technicians from Savelli SpA, experts in sales, design, automation, manufacturing and installation of machines and plants for the Foundry industry under the guidance, in the early stages of the start-up, of Dr. Andrea Donato.

Francesco Savelli (today in possession of the 25% of the shares), Maurizio Botticini (5%), Mauro Boldi (5%), Roberto Tura (5%) and Guido Gilberti (5%) have decided to join forces, knowledge and experience matured over 20 years to create a new Foundry Technology expertise center for the Global Castings Industry, trying to recreate and maintain a new important business for the territory of Brescia.

Today, Savelli Technologies is a company subject to the management and the coordination of Küttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG (Essen, Germany), which owns the 55% of its shares and guarantees its technological and financial strength; Küttner is nowadays a German Group of around 200ML of turnover and world leader with more than 60 years of experience in the production of industrial plants, especially in the management, transportation and preparation of materials such as: industrial furnaces, gas cleaning and recovery of heat devices.

The headquarters of the Group is located in Essen, while the headquarter of our company (700mq of modern and prestigious sales, engineering and automation offices) is located in Brescia, in via Flero 36 on the 11th floor of the “Centro Direzionale Tre Torri”; the production unit is located in Flero (BS) in via Oriana Fallaci, where also the offices involved in the production of machines and plants, in service and spare parts are located.

With this important operation, Savelli Technologies aims to reconfigure one of the nowadays few global players, leader in the design and installation of customized and high performance machines and systems for foundries using the “Green Sand” molding process and which manufacture cast iron, steel and aluminum castings. In particular, our company is now on the world market as a new supplier of automatic horizontal molding lines and sand preparation and recovery plants.

Thanks to Küttner design expertise and its global platform, Savelli Technologies is able to offer new processes and new high-tech solutions.

With a wide and thorough product range, "KÜTTNER & SAVELLI" together have the ability to manufacture turn-key Foundries: from the pouring to the sand preparation, from the molding to the casting handling and moving… a complete process.

Currently, our company, which employs around 30 people and is starting this year with a turnover of around 10ML, is busy with the start-up of the giant new Russian foundry “RUSAL” in Siberia and with the manufacturing of an important molding line for the main casting production for industrial and agricultural vehicles for the Polish Group Zakład Metalurgiczny "WSK Rzeszów"; it has also just successfully completed the modernization of a molding line for the manufacturing of brake discs in South Korea, for the customer Hyundai WIA.

The company wishes to thank the advisors of the operation, Lawyer Emilio Midolo of the Legal Office “Midolo e Associati” and Dr. Vincenzo Cristarella of the “Studio Midolo Cristarella e Associati” who, from the very beginning, with legal and business skills combined with professional and operational sensitivities have covered, at all stages, authoritative, strategic, independent and credible roles towards entrepreneurs, other professionals, credit institutions and, last but not least, towards the relevant jurisdictions.

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