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Tenbloc ® in Elkem’s portfolio

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Tenbloc® is a unique in the mould inoculant block which provides consistent, reliable and cost-effective inoculation for ductile and grey irons. This assists foundries to produce castings with improved metallurgical structures and mechanical properties.

Main Benefits

  • Inoculating at the latest possible stage in the casting process eliminates inoculant fade.
  • Accurate weight control gives a consistent level of inoculation into every mould.
  • Close dimensional tolerances ensure a good fit into the mould print.
  • Tenbloc® is 100% inoculant and does not contain a binder or any other additive.
  • Tenbloc® is available in several different analytical grades, specifically formulated for both ductile and grey iron.

Tenbloc® is manufactured by a unique powder metallurgical method, giving very accurate dimensions and weights. Blocks are produced in either cylindrical or taper shape, in the weight range from 5g to 1000g. 

Production by this method results in Tenbloc® having low thermal conductivity. This means Tenbloc® starts to dissolve immediately and continuously throughout the pour time ensuring all metal, particularly the first metal poured, is inoculated.

The use of Tenbloc® in the mould is the latest possible stage at which inoculant can be added. This means the amount of inoculant to be used can be reduced to a minimum as there is no inoculant fade and as such, it is a cost effective and efficient use of inoculant. Typical addition rates are 0.1% but these can be adjusted to suit specific customer requirements.

Close control of all stages of production gives Tenbloc® several advantages:

  • It is free from impurities, eliminating the introduction of undesirable elements in the iron
  • There are no slag inclusions, gas holes or porosity
  • The unique metallurgical bond formed during production is important for immediate and controlled dissolution.

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