The all-electric trimming press called ELECTRA by Meccanica PI.Erre

Meccanica PI.Erre – in January 2020 Meccanica PI.Erre officially presented at Euroguss Nürnberg an important R&D project started few years before: the full electric trimming press named ELECTRA

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From then now on this trimming press has been collecting good results in terms of efficiency, energy saving, and reduction of maintenance costs. Hydraulic parts have been entirely removed from machine, thus no more oil leakage, no more machine down-time due to hydraulic issues. This machine can be furthermore defined as green, since there is a high reduction of CO2 Emission.

Starting from first prototypes, Meccanica Pi.Erre placed in 2020 the first Electra machines in some running die casting cells in Brescia Area (30 and 50 Tons). This helped to particularly point out some facts and numbers:  up to 15% faster compared to the traditional hydraulic machine, up to 60% energy saving, easier programming and quicker troubleshooting approach.

Currently an 80 Ton Electra has been assembling and will be presented very soon.

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