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The next generation: ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R

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To satisfy growing customer needs in an even better way, ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD enhanced its existing Dry Ice Reformer A600R radically and the result is impressive: The ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R sets new standards in terms of productivity and reliability in converting dry ice pellets into dry ice blocks.

The machine´s basic function is still the same: Dry ice blocks can be produced high efficiently and in different sizes by compressing dry ice pellets. However, the new ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R scores with a production increase of up to 20 percent compared to its forerunner. This is enabled by a risen production capacity from 200 to 700 kg per hour, depending on the block size. Further advantages can be found in a lower average power consumption of approx. 3 kW and in a boosted block density at a stepless adjustable block and slice size of 16 to 60 mm and a weight of 650 to 2,430 g. An integrated production control system allows to define and monitor the amount of blocks or weight to be produced accurately. The modern operator panel is the result of an improved design and therefore a much higher usability. 

The self-explanatory handling of the ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R still remains unchanged: The reformer is started over the touch-screen panel. All functions are controlled by an inbuilt PLC. Dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3 mm are filled into the dry ice hopper where they are conveyed into the pressing chamber, than get predosed and compressed into high-quality dry ice blocks.

To ensure a continuous, reliable operation of the ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R, many functions like oil level, cycle time, operation hours, due date of service, motor overload, amount of produced dry ice blocks since last start and hydraulic pressure are monitored and displayed on the updated colour touch screen of the reformer's PLC.

All these numerous technical innovations result in a highly increased productivity and reliability of the ASCO Dry Ice Reformer A700R which points out the fact that the new ASCO machine is a highly efficient tool to complement the dry ice pellet business with dry ice blocks – Be it in combination with an existing or a new dry ice pelletizer.

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