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The first inherently flame retardant collection

Tranemo is the world's first manufacturer offering fluorocarbon-free flame retardant garments with chemical protection for the metalworking industry

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Tranemo has launched the Cantex Weld Stretch (WS) collection, the world's first inherently flame retardant collection that offers chemical protection to EN ISO 13034 and is completely fluorocarbon free. The collection provides the highest level of protection against molten metal splashes and exceeds the requirements for heavy welding to EN ISO 11611 Class 2. Cantex WS is made from a stretch fabric and offers a whole new level of comfort for heavy industrial work where splashes or sparks from hot metal are prevalent.

Since its foundation in 1934, Tranemo has been managed with a clear focus on sustainability. "This is another step in the right direction and opens up new possibilities for us. We have worked for years to find a fluorocarbon-free alternative that meets our high safety requirements. Cantex WS is a result of this work and we are proud to announce it today," says Max Larsson, CEO of Tranemo. "This is more about evolution than revolution. With the new Cantex WS collection, we have improved many features that are important to users. Cantex WS brings us one step closer to our goal of reducing the use of PFAS in our products."

Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are used in the textile industry to protect textiles from moisture and dirt, but have a negative impact on the environment and health as these substances are poorly degradable.

Tranemo sees great potential in the newly developed technology, which eliminates the need for treatment with fluorocarbon substances.

"It feels inspiring to develop innovative solutions that have less impact on the environment without compromising on the level of protection. Cantex WS brings us closer to our goal of gradually eliminating fluorocarbons from our products," says Nieke Sarink, Sustainability Manager at Tranemo.


About Tranemo

Tranemo's vision is that no one should be seriously injured in an accident, because the right workwear can prevent the accident or reduce its consequences. Tranemo only works with inherently flame retardant fabrics where the protection cannot be washed out of the fabric. Tranemo's customers cover a wide range of industrial sectors including power stations and energy, smelters and foundries, the welding industry, railways and the chemical and petrochemical industries. The Group consists of the head office in Tranemo and sales companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK / Ireland, the Netherlands / Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal, which form together one of the strongest sales organisations in Europe. Annually, the group distributes over 600,000 garments to customers across Europe. The head office and European logistics centre are located in Tranemo, Sweden, and most of the production takes place in the  factories in Europe. All for a safe workplace. Since 1934.

ISO14001 and ISO9001


Company Info

Tranemo Workwear GmbH

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Telephone: +49(0)5221 346920