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Trennex - Continue to pursue the positive developments in 2017

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„2017 will surely be another interesting year for us all. We look forward to working with you and stand ready as a competent and effective partner for all questions­ concerning release agents and lubricants.“
Helmut Geiger, Managing Director, Trennex

The positive sales trend of the past years continued­ in 2016. The total growth in 2016 of another ~ 10% over the previous year is proof of the successful direction of the company.  The level of investment in 2015/2016 was ~ 5% of revenue.

In the area of production, investment occurred in a new 10 ton production line, which will assume operation in the coming weeks to ensure that we continue to meet increasing customer demands on time. The availability of raw materials and finished goods with this increase in revenue has been accounted for with an additional investment in warehousing in the form of an expansion to our storage facility.

As a specialist in the field of release agents and lubricants for die casting we are open to all developments and we aim to push these developments forward. Examples of this are new product developments not only with minimum quantity spraying, but also with zinc die casting, where it is possible to replace solvent-based products with water-based release agents. This is where exhaust-air quality in the production facility or product flamm­ability comes into focus and is greatly improved. Permanent developmental work and constant observation of the market and its needs are indispensable towards our success.

German Know-How and Quality – Made in India. The start of die lubricant production in India with our partner HETPAN Die Lubricants is planned for May 2017 and is expected to accommodate all the needs of the Indian market.

We are confident that with this step we will be able to offer the die casters in India the same high-quality support that our customers from other countries have grown accustomed to over the years and we look forward to our work together – above all, to the challenges of the Indian market.

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