TU Clausthal - Metallurgy Colloquium 2019

Dr. Jürgen Großmann: "Who really read the Paris Climate Agreement?

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The Clausthal professors Heinz Palkowski, Karl-Heinz Spitzer, Harald Schmidt and Babette Tonn had invited to the metallurgical colloquium at the TU Clausthal.

Under the motto "Business and Science in Dialogue", former and current Clausthalers as well as experts from various disciplines were able to exchange views on the urgent topics of the time. The topics and strategies in thermochemistry, micro kinetics, metallurgical process engineering, foundry technology and material transformation are, of course, shaped by the current challenges, in particular from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Dr. Matthias Weinberg (2nd from left) was able to impressively point out the path of Thyssenkrupp Steel's steel production towards climate neutrality and Jürgen Großmann (2nd from the right), Georgsmarienhütte Holding GmbH, recognized the noticeable challenges with utmost sensitivity. Industry, like politics, urgently needs to recognize the signs. In Germany, everyone is talking about the climate, but hardly anyone actually knows the contents of the Paris Agreement.

For his services to the foundry industry and foundry chemistry, Dr. Ing. Wilhelm Kuhlgatz (Hüttenes-Albertus Werke) of the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the TU Clausthal, was honored for his merits and received a honorary "Barbara".

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