Diamond diploma

On this occasion, 15 graduates made their way to Clausthal-Zellerfeld and celebrated the 60th anniversary of the handing over of the diploma at the Technische Universität Clausthal.

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Apparently, no distance is too far for Clatusthal graduates to come back to their university to celebrate the 60th diploma anniversary. "Your coming is a sign of high esteem and solidarity with Clausthal University of Technology," said Vice President Prof. Christian Bohn at the ceremony in the auditorium in his address to all the jubilarians.
1963 was a very special year for the then Clausthal Mining Academy, which was named "Technical University" from that time on. It was also 60 years ago that the first building on the then-new campus in the Feldgraben area, the University Library, was opened. There was a spirit of optimism among the students and professors.

"The years of personal and professional development in Clausthal meant a lot to him," said Dr.-Ing. Hans-Eike Wiemer, looking back on the time on behalf of the graduating class of 1963. He also reminded his fellow students of old Clausthal traditions after the final exams: "It was 60 years ago that the coachman Stümmel picked us up after the last exam and drove us to a merry drink." In addition to their studies, many students had to earn extra money during the semester break and worked in the iron and steel industry. The rule was: "Work as many shifts and as many holidays as possible. You can recover during the semester." The students lived privately with the local people. The attachment to the people and the place was quite strong, Wiemer said. He concluded, "It greens the fir, it grows the ore, the Harz gives us all a merry heart. Glückauf."

In the subsequent ceremonial lecture, "From cupola furnaces to 3D printing: the revolutionary transformation of foundry technology," Prof. Babette Tonn (Foundry technology - Institute of Metallurgy -TU Clausthal) reported to the approximately 40 guests on current research. As a highlight, Prof. Bohn then presented the diamond diploma to graduate engineer Susanne Kaup, the only woman, and 14 men, all of whom had graduated in 1963. There had been a total of 216 graduates in Clausthal this year, retired mining director Helmut Gravenhorst, on behalf of the Friends Association, had reported in his welcoming address.
The cheerful atmosphere of the event, which was organized by Andrea Langhorst (Alumni Management), finally culminated in the jointly sung Steigerlied. During the ceremony, TU student Hosea Simanjuntak provided the musical framework on the piano. At the end of the event, the participants reminisced over a snack and champagne reception and exchanged ideas with students and representatives of the AStA about new projects at Technische Universität Clausthal.
It was great that this event was held and many thanks to the jubilarians for celebrating this event with us at Technische Universität Clausthal!

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