USA/ CN – Absolute Haitian Expands Offerings into Machine Tools, Die Casting

The U.S.-based representative of the Haitian Group will now offer customers in North America that company’s metal cutting and die casting machinery.

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During a technology open house at its regional application center in Moncks Corner, S.C., Absolute Haitian announced it would now sell Haitian Group machine tools and die-casting machines into the U.S. China’s Haitian Group has used its overseas subsidiaries and representatives to bring equipment from its five divisions — injection molding, metal cutting, drives, die casting, industry 4.0 — all around the globe over the years. Typically, new offerings are launched domestically in China and exported into new markets from there, arriving in Europe and the U.S. last.

Glenn Frohring, owner Absolute Haitian, said Haitian has been building CNC machines since 2005, growing the business cautiously and deliberately and entering new markets along the way, a tactic they’ve used for other business units. “Europe and the U.S. will be the last markets entered,” Frohring says, “but by the time we get it, the technology is all proven with any bugs worked out.”

The metal cutting-business, Haitian Precision, markets the Hision line of CNC machine tools, including gantry, vertical, horizontal and lathe machines. In South Carolina, Absolute Haitian showcased a vertical machining center and CNC lathe.

Haitian started in the die casting business in 2016, leaning on its expertise in platen manufacture and design to enter the market, which has grown in recent years, propelled in large part by new applications with the electric and battery electric vehicle market. Ben Hartigan, Absolute Haitian’s marketing coordinator, said the company can make systems as large as 8,800 tons. In S.C., the company showcased an HDC 550 Plus machine, with a clamping force of 560 tons. The machines have been sold in Mexico for the last four years, with roughly 65 systems installed.

Haitian’s operation in S.C. opened in 2019 and acts as one of nine regional application centers locally. Earlier this year, the company inaugurated a new manufacturing operation in Mexico, one of five across the globe.

Frohring said that the goal eventually is to take delivery of some injection molding machines from that facility, likely 500 tons and less, which would avoid some of the tariffs currently applied to imports from China.

Source: Author: TONY DELIGIO