Optimising production time in die casting: reducing cycles and increasing productivity

Die casting is a widely used production process for the manufacture of complex metal components. One of the main objectives of companies using this process is to reduce production time and increase efficiency to improve overall productivity. To achieve this goal, Agrati Aee has optimised the die-casting cycles in its hot chamber and cold chamber machines.


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Detailed process analysis

One of the first strategies for optimising production time in die casting is a detailed process analysis. At Agrati AEE, this analysis involves the study of each stage of the die-casting cycle, from the injection of molten metal to the solidification and extraction of the finished part. Identifying any inefficiencies or delays during the process helps identify areas requiring improvement and develop targeted solutions.

Reducing the die-casting cycle

One of the key aspects of optimising production time is the reduction of the die-casting cycle. This can be achieved through a number of measures. One of these is the optimisation of process parameters, such as melt temperature, injection speed and pressure, extraction optimisation, and mould lubrication. Agrati Aee fine-tunes these parameters in its machines, making it possible to reduce cycle times without compromising the quality of the finished part, while also introducing mould control with camera systems.

Automation of the die-casting process

Another strategy to reduce production time is the automation of the die-casting process. The use of robots for the extraction of finished parts enables cycle times to be significantly reduced, as does the use of ingot feeding and electric lubricators. These automated systems are able to perform operations with greater precision, consistency and speed than human intervention, leading to an increase in overall efficiency.

Advanced technologies for process optimisation

The implementation of advanced technologies can help optimise production times in die casting. For example, the use of moulds thermoregulated by external temperature controllers improves the solidification process and reduces cycle times. These moulds are designed to dissipate heat more efficiently, allowing better solidification of the molten metal and consistent temperatures for the extraction of the finished part.

Efficient tooling management

Another important aspect of optimising production time is the efficient management of equipment and materials. A well-organised factory layout, with strategic positioning of the equipment and materials required for the die-casting process, can reduce travel time and improve the smoothness of operations. Furthermore, the adoption of an advanced production management system allows for optimal planning of resource utilisation, minimising waste and downtime.

Monitoring process performance

Optimising production time, in fact, requires constant monitoring of process performance. By using real-time monitoring systems (quality control), any anomalies or inefficiencies can be detected at an early stage and the necessary corrections can be made. In addition, the analysis of historical data can provide valuable information on trends and areas for potential improvement.

monitoring system applied to the Agrati AEE die-casting machines allows the monitoring of certain essential parameters throughout the day, so that interventions that could compromise production progress and lead to costly downtime can be planned in good time.

In conclusion, the optimisation of production time in die-casting is essential to improve efficiency and increase overall productivity. Through detailed process analysis, optimisation of process parameters, automation, implementation of advanced technologies, efficient management of equipment and materials, and constant monitoring of performance, it is possible to reduce cycle times and achieve better results in terms of productivity and quality.

Thanks to the experience of its consultants and the technology applied to its die-casting machines, Agrati Aee is able to reduce maintenance costs by 70%.

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