Italian toolmaker COSTAMP strengthens his position in the USA

The Die Casting Congress & Tabletop is the premier event for the die casting industry in the United States

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This year's congress was a great opportunity for COSTAMP Group to strengthen their relationship with customers and partners across the ocean, as well as gathering information about the current market trends

GIGA was the main principle of the show

It was not a surprise that GIGA was the main principle of the show and the backdrop, which were presented at booth – so that everything was perfectly in line with this disruptive topic, which is shaping the new automotive industry.

Experiences in cutting-edge technologies

COSTAMP also took the chance to prove that in it’s involvement and contribution in several GIGA TOOL projects, which has allowed them to develop a remarkable experience in this cutting-edge technology.

Sometimes they were overwhelmed by the presence of unexpected visitors stopping by and filled with pride - with an extra boost to do even better in the future.

So far, NADCA has therefore been crucial to COSTAMPs business. The American market is growing year by year, and they are gearing up to continously strengthen presence in the US.

2023 was a year with a lot of celebrations for COSTAMP and 2024 will go on like this. Because the company will be exhibiting at Euroguss in Nuremberg, at NADCA Show in Indianapolis and at Fundiexpo in Monterrey!

In conclusion, we can summarize that COSTAMP is looking forward to all these events, that are great occasions to be surprised by new global solutions.

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