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Why Megacasting cannot be repaired

This is an article of the Casting-Campus GmbH, which explains, how Megacasting enables excellent crashworthiness even though a low(er) elongation is measured. Furthermore, it’s about why Megacasting cannot be repaired.

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Due to structural engineering principles and material behaviour, a single structure can have higher stiffness than one made of smaller pieces. Stiffness measures how resistant a structure is to deformation when subjected to an applied load.

A single, continuous structure allows for a more even distribution of loads. When loads are applied to a structure, they are distributed across the entire length or area, reducing localized stress concentrations. In contrast, a structure made of smaller pieces may have joints or connections that can create stress concentrations, making it more susceptible to deformation or failure. So, the load is transferred more efficiently from one point to another. The continuity of the material ensures that loads can flow through the structure without interruption.

In a collision, a car must absorb the energy the impact generates to reduce the forces transmitted to the occupants. A vehicle with a single, continuous structure can be engineered to have controlled deformation zones that help distribute and absorb energy more effectively. These zones can lead to a safer crash outcome, as the deformation can be designed to protect the occupants. 

A single, continuous structure is often better at dispersing impact forces across the entire vehicle body. A continuous structure can help maintain structural integrity even after a collision. This is important because the structural integrity of the passenger compartment needs to be preserved to protect occupants. A single structure is less prone to separation or disintegration during a crash than a car with smaller, disconnected pieces.

Redundancy in the structure can be crucial for crash safety. A single structure with well-designed load paths can ensure that even if one part of the car is compromised in a crash, the overall structure can still provide protection. In contrast, cars made of smaller pieces may lack this level of redundancy.

And that is why Megacasting cannot be repaired!


This is an article of the Casting-Campus GmbH and was originally published here!