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Omega Foundry Machinery and Simpson Technologies Enter Into a Global Agreement to Help Foundries Embrace Greensand Reclamation Technology

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Aurora, Illinois, USA and Peterborough, United Kingdom – Demands continue on foundries to create better castings, at lower costs while addressing the problem of disposing of large quantities of waste sand into landfills.  Sand is the largest foundry process waste, and in some instances can constitute up to 70% of total waste volume.  

Omega Foundry Machinery and Simpson Technologies have joined forces to help foundries realize the cost savings and technical advantages available from reclamation.  Mark Fenyes, Chairman of Omega commented, “This agreement will allow Omega to give a proven solution to one of the main problems that face greensand foundries in today’s climate.”

Simpson’s and Omega’s experience over many years has uncovered that no two foundries are exactly the same in their combination of sand, binder and operating conditions.  As a result, the only way to properly determine the performance and expected payback of reclamation is to conduct a test prior to implementing a system.  Under license, a Simpson Pro-Claim® was installed at the Omega pilot plant in the UK to process each foundry’s unique sand samples.  Foundry personnell are encouraged to be part of the testing at the Omega facilities so they can witness the stages required and see the results first hand.  The testing of sand is an essential first step in determining the correct equipment to maximise performance and savings of the reclaimed sand.

About Simpson Technologies Corporation:

Simpson Technologies, founded in 1912, is a five generation family business concentrated on the design and manufacture of technology and services for the worldwide metal casting and chemical process industries.  Primary products include greensand batch and continuous mixing equipment, moulding sand coolers, on-line mixer controls, core sand preparation systems, shell sand preparation plants, sand reclamation systems, sand laboratory equipment and foundry system design, engineering and automation systems.  Simpson Technologies has operations in Aurora, IL USA; Baar, Switzerland and Calcutta, India.

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About Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd: 

Omega was formed in 1984 from a management buyout from parent company Baker Perkins. It has continued to concentrate on the no bake segment of the market and has manufacturing capabilities in the UK, USA, India, S Africa, Australia and Malaysia. Omega also has representative offices in Mexico, Turkey and China.


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