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Grainger & Worrall signs Memorandum of Understanding with Mingzhi Technology in the High-End Aluminum Castings and Foundry Equipment Sectors
Reduced costs compared to a new acquisition, Shorter implementation period compared delivery of a new machine
Get highest melting and casting quality by the use of Kurtz’ special low-pressure casting process and its special casting line concepts!
Announcing Mingzhi Technology’s first project in Italy of a "core center" for core package production with the cold box isocure process for stainless...
Next step to "Foundry 4.0" with EHP crane scales
Episode 1 now available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud
Working at extreme forces in harsh foundry conditions, die-casting machines inevitably suffer from wear and tear. Remanufacturing can transform...
A message from Küttner Savelli President, Francesco Savelli: No need for panic due to Corona virus!
The signals at Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH are set for growth beyond 2019.
A renowned foundry in the south of France decided in favour of a new plant from ConviTec GmbH. Both companies look back on a short but very successful...
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