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Elkem AS

Drammensveien 169, 0213 Oslo, Norway


Drammensveien 169
0213 Oslo

Telephone +47 22 450 100
Fax +47 22 450 152
Email info(at)elkem.no

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About Elkem Foundry Products

Elkem is the world’s largest supplier of ferrosilicon-based special alloys. Its customers for ferrosilicon include iron foundries and steel mills worldwide. The car industry, line pipe manufacturers and other mechanical engineering companies are also important customer categories, and applications for the company’s products include complex foundry goods such as engine blocks and manifolds. Ferrosilicon from Elkem is used by the steel industry to produce carbon and stainless grades.

Over the last few years Elkem has systematically expanded its foundry product portfolio, enabling us to provide a package of specialised products and services which will assist in providing solutions to many of the challenges encountered by our customers.

In addition to our traditional range of high quality inoculants, nodularisers and charge materials, backed by our local teams of trained sales personnel, we are now able to provide to ferrous and non-ferrous foundries

    •design software and foundry process control systems as a result of our technology partnership with the leading software company Pico
    •other speciality charge materials for foundry metallurgy which enable our customers to reduce their supplier base.

All of the above will continue to be supported by our global group of highly skilled foundry experts (Technical Customer Service) whose prime role is to render the advice and technical service which will lead to providing solutions to your challenges through partnership with Elkem
Elkem Foundry Products' production plants

    •Opens external link in new windowElkem Bjølvefossen
    •Opens external link in new windowElkem Bremanger
    •Opens external link in new windowElkem Chicoutimi
    •Elkem Foundry China
    •Opens external link in new windowElkem Iceland

Elkem Foundry Technology Products R&D

Elkem Foundry Technology (EFT) Products R&D is a team of highly competent foundry metallurgists and researchers working in mainly three areas:

    Product Development and R&D
    Technical Market Support
    Plant Support

The EFT Products team is located in Elkem’s Research and Development Centre in Kristiansand, Norway.  This is probably the best equipped metallurgical centre in the industry.  The centre has a state of the art metallurgical and chemical laboratory with optical microscope with automatic image analyzing equipment, Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX analysis unit, chemical analyses equipment like X-Ray Fluorescence, Atomic absorption Spectrometry, ICP,  Leco etc.   For product development purposes  the centre has several induction furnaces with melting capacity from 30 to 1200 kg of cast iron, sand mixer for production of moulding sand and several patterns for production of trial moulds.  The tundish cover process is used for iron ductile iron treatment with treatments up to 300 kg.

In addition to R&D and product development the EFT Products team’s main focus is on technical documentation and technical training and support to Elkem’s sales force and production

Your Technology Partner

Elkem Foundry Products produces top quality nodularisers and inoculants on three continents to provide local, rapid and effective solutions for your metal treatment requirements. Flexibility in production and the ability to adapt to our customers needs, means that Elkem can manufacture what is best suited to your casting conditions. 

Products & markets - Our product range consists of

•    Elkem speciality Nodularisers
•    Elkem Preconditioner
•    Elkem speciality Inoculants
•    Cored wire
•    Elkem FerroSilicon to Steel
•    Elkem Recarburisers
•    Elkem Speciality Alloys/Charge Material

Product specifications


•    MgFeSi Alloys Preconditioner, Inoculants, Inserts
•    Ferrosilicon, Recarburisers, Mould Powder


•    FeSiMg-Vorlegierungen & Impflegierungen
•    Ferrosilicium & Aufkohlungsmittel


•    MgFeSi Alloys & Preconditioner, Inoculants, Inserts
•    Ferrosilicon, Recarburisers, Mould Powder


•    Döküm Fabrikaları için Elkem Ürünleri
•    Demir Esaslı Döküm Fabrikaları için Elkem Ürünleri

More Products:

•    Preconditioner
•    Inoculants
•    Cored wire
•    Ferrosilicon to steel
•    Recarburisers
•    Charge materials

Quality & safety:

Important message regarding Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Product Safety Information (PSI)

In light of the implementation of the globally harmonised system for classification and labelling of chemicals (UN-GHS), the term MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is no longer used and has been substituted by SDS (Safety Data Sheet). According to REACH article 31(1), SDS is only required for hazard-classified substances. Since none of the products of Elkem Foundry are or contains substances that are hazard classified, SDS for these products is not legally required.

For more information on this issue, kindly refer to the UK REACH Competent Authority Information Leaflet Number 13 – REACH and Safety Data Sheets
Since our customers request health and safety information, Elkem will continue to provide HSE information on the various sales products on a voluntary basis. This Product Safety Information (PSI) contains the same information as given in authentic SDS, but compliance with REACH and CLP is not mandatory. Consequently, (M)SDS for most products are no longer maintained and are replaced by PSI.

Product Safety Information

Elkem inoculants, inserts and preconditioner

Elkem Grain Refiner™: United Kingdom, Norway
Elgraph® Premium: 
Denmark, EU/GHS, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden
Elgraph® Superior:
Denmark, EU/GHS, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden
Pipe Dressing - Mould powders
Pipeinoc® : United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway

Other products

Si/FeSi slag: United Kingdom, Spain, Norway
FeSi ovoids/briquettes:  United Kingdom, Germany
Alinoc®, Barinoc®, Foundrisil®, Reseed®,SMZ®, Superseed®,Superseed® Extra, Ultraseed®,Vaxon®, Zircinoc® inoculants, Elcast® inserts, Preseed™ preconditioner:
English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Elkem MgFeSi alloys
Elmag®, Lamet®, Remag® nodularisers, CompactMag™ alloy:
English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
Elkem FeSi alloys
FeSi75, FeSi90 and others:
English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
Grain Refiner

Sales officesGeneral product inquiriesCertifications
Opens external link in new windowAfricaOpens external link in new windowSales and marketing to steelElkem Bjølvefossen
Opens external link in new windowAsiaOpens external link in new windowSales and marketing to foundry  Opens external link in new windowISO 9001
  Opens external link in new windowISO 14001  
Opens external link in new windowEuropeElkem Bremanger
Opens external link in new windowNorth AmericaOpens external link in new windowProduction plants   Opens external link in new windowISO 9001
  Opens external link in new windowISO 14001
  Opens external link in new windowISO/TS 16949
Opens external link in new windowSouth AmericaElkem Chicoutimi
Opens external link in new windowOceania  Opens external link in new windowISO 9001
  Opens external link in new windowISO 14001
Elkem Foundry China
  Opens external link in new windowISO 9001
  Opens external link in new windowOHSAS 18001
Elkem Iceland
  Opens external link in new windowISO 9001
  Opens external link in new windowISO/TS 16949
Elkem Tana
  Opens external link in new windowISO 9001
Europe Sales
  Opens external link in new windowISO 9001-2008 (Child cert.)
  Opens external link in new windowISO 9001-2008 (Main cert.)



Elmelin Ltd

1. Betts Mews, E17 8PQ London, United Kingdom


1. Betts Mews
E17 8PQ London
United Kingdom

Telephone 00442085202248
Fax 0044 2085 2118 89
Email mica(at)elmelin.com

Press Releases & News

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ENTECCOgroup GmbH & Co.KG

Europastraße 2/1, 77933 Lahr / Schwarzwald, Germany


Europastraße 2/1
77933 Lahr / Schwarzwald

ESTAL Makine Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

75. Yil mahallesi Tornacilar ve Oto Tamirciler Sitesi N blok No:14, 26250 Eskisehir, Turkey


75. Yil mahallesi Tornacilar ve Oto Tamirciler Sitesi N blok No:14
26250 Eskisehir

Euro-Equip, S.L.

Polígono Industrial La Cruz, Parcela 4 5, 48196 Lezama, Spain


Polígono Industrial La Cruz, Parcela 4 5
48196 Lezama

Telephone (34) 944 761 244
Fax (34) 944 761 247
Email euroequip(at)euroequip.es

Press Releases & News

Spanish Foundry Fundería Condals Inaugurates New Plant
The prestigious Spanish foundry Fundería Condals inaugurated its new SKC Foundr...


Since its foundation in 1974, Euro-Equip has been involved in the modernization of Spanish foundries at the highest level. To this end, it has counted from the outset, with the collaboration of the most important foundry equipment suppliers in the world.

Our activity has been carried out in practically all the companies of the foundry sector, in Spain and in some of other countries. Foundries supplying components for the automotive, machinery, mining and naval industry are some of our main customers. Keeping us continuously in the knowledge of the latest technical advances give us the possibility to propose to our customers the best solution for each of their needs with proven efficiency.

In Euro-Equip we are not limited to incorporating a certain machine or to apply standard solutions to specific problems that, in fact, require a specialized treatment. Our proposals are preceded by an exhaustive and rigorous study of customer needs and objectives, carried out by our professional staff.

Our Technical Office, through its mechanical and electrical departments, elaborates each project providing different solutions in terms of costs, productivity, level of efficiency, etc. Our professionalism and the guarantee of being exclusive agents and licensees for Spain of brands of the highest world level in the sector, guarantee that the final result of our work is to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Representative Companies



Via dell'Industria, 62, 36035 MARANO VICENTINO (Vicenza), Italy


Via dell'Industria, 62
36035 MARANO VICENTINO (Vicenza)

Telephone +39 0445 637629
Fax +39 0445 639057
Email info(at)euromac-srl.it

Representatives Worldwide

EUROMAC America Latina Equipamentos para Fundição Ltda
Rodovia SC 108, KM 19,7 Caixa Postal 19 Cep:
89270-00 Guaramirim - Santa Catarina
Phone: +55 47 3034-0334
Fax: +55 47 3034 660
Via Lanzo, 91
10071 Borgaro
Phone: 011/4500840
Fax: 011/4500840
Prvomajska, 23
5000 Nova Gorica (SLO)
Phone: +386 40 460 684
K Červenému vrchu 7
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 235 366 016
Fax: +420 235 361 078
Selus Supplies & Equipment Copper Beech Vineyard (GREAT BRITAIN, IRELAND)
Black Hill, Lindfield
RH16 2HF West Sussex
Phone: +44 1444 452390
Fax: +44 1444 450654
VINAR Systems Ltd. (INDIA)
5A, Lord Sinha Road,
700071 Kolkata
Phone: +91.33.2282 3661 / +91.33.2282 3662
Fax: +91.33.2282 3171
Ailes 49, Jardines de San Mateo,
53240 Naucalpan Edo de Mexico
Phone: +52 5553732624
Fax: +52 5553633973
15 à 25, rue Edouard Aynard
69905 Villeurbanne
United Kingdom
Phone: +33 478034949
Fax: +33 478038699
ul. Zacisze 1/11
40-025 Katowice
Phone: +48 32 2564660
Fax: +48 32 2553809
Polígono Txirrita Maleo, 10
20100 Errenteria
Phone: +34 943 63 50 79
Fax: +34 943 63 50 74
51 Studencheskaya Str.
620078 Ekaterinburg
Phone: +7 (343) 374 34 63
Fax: +7 (343) 374 34 63
Mr. Mehmet Yildirim
Phone: +90 536 892 38 44

Press Releases & News

Gießerei Aktivitäten –CYRUS und EUROMAC vereinbaren langfristige Technologiepartnerschaft im Bereich Gießerei-Technik.
Die Cyrus GmbH Schwingtechnik und die Euromac S.r.l. haben eine langfristig ange...
Foundry Activities – CYRUS and EUROMAC agree on long-term technology partnership for foundry technology.
Cyrus GmbH Schwingtechnik and Euromac S.r.l. have entered into a long-term strat...


Euromac has served the foundry industry for more than 50 years, originally under the company name of  “CPF”.

Our speciality is the manufacture of Green Sand Moulding lines, Core Making Machines and associated Sand plant, Metal handling and treatment equipment.
Our technical office, supported by 3D model software, designs the entire lines & machineries, taking care of every detail thanks to the cooperation with customer’s technicians and with the purpose to find solutions suitable for the foundry production requirements.

In the factory in Marano Vicentino, Euromac looks after to all the production phases. The facilities is completed with high specs CNC machines & high performance workstation.
Our sales network covers most of the states all over the world, in particular Europe, Mexico, Brazil, North Africa, Russia.
Furthermore Euromac is focused on South America market where our branch facility has been built in Santa Caterina region.
Euromac America Latina carries out the manufacturing and the assembling of the same equipment produced in Italy.

Our customer reference list includes Teksid, Nissan, General Motors, Nemak, Zanardi, SCM, Augusta, Buderus, Ampo, Cimos, Kovis, Sandvik, Grainger & Worrall,  Bradken, W. Cook, WHB, Dana, Saint Gobain.

Euromac's philosophy is to pay special attention to details and the individual needs of our Customers. We believe in a flexible approach in dealing the requirements coming from our Customer because our daily engagement is giving solutions to the various applications, also of the smallest productive realities.

  • EUROMAC S.r.l.
  • EUROMAC S.r.l.
  • EUROMAC S.r.l.
  • EUROMAC S.r.l.

ExOne GmbH

Daimlerstrasse 22, 86368 Gersthofen, Germany


Daimlerstrasse 22
86368 Gersthofen

Telephone +49 821 65063-0
Fax +49 821 65063-111
Email europe(at)exone.com

Press Releases & News

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