Costamp Group

Via Verdi 6 , Sirone (LC), Italy


COSTAMP GROUP S.p.a. is a group of Italian companies, whose core business is the design and manufacturing of molds for the following processes: HPDC, LPDC & gravity, Plastic injection.
Thanks to a 50-year experience on the field, the group aims at providing a turn-key service to its cutomers.
Furthermore, along with the company PiQ² (which is part of the Group), Costamp has developed a simulation software (named CASTLE), specifically dedicated to the HPDC process.



  • Design and manufacturing of hpdc dies (GIGA TOOLS, Structural, Electric, Powertrain)
  • Maintenance and refurbishing of existing dies
  • Design and manufacturing of die holders
  • Internal foundry department for die try-outs and production of small / medium batches
  • Full support for complete process development 
  • Fast prototyping  

LPDC & GRAVITY DIVISION (former Modelleria Brambilla)

  • Design and manufacturing of lpdc and gravity dies (Powertrain and Structural)
  • Maintenance and refurbishing of existing dies
  • Tests and samplings


  • Design and manufacturing of thermoplastic dies
  • Maintenance and refurbishing of existing dies
  • Tests and samplings


Development of the bi-phasic simulation software (Castle) for filling simulations and module for thermal simulations.

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