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600th Standard X-Ray Inspection System YXLON MU2000-D Successfully in Operation at NORLYS

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May 2017: YXLON rejoices over the commissioning of their 600th MU2000-D X-ray inspection system. After its market launch in 1997, the universal radiographic system is still one of the most successful inspection systems worldwide thanks to its flexibility and robustness. Due to continuous developments it has remained state-of-the-art for 20 years now.

This fact also convinced the Scandinavian enterprise NORLYS, a globally leading provider of sophisticated lighting fixtures with its headquarters in Oslo. Early in 2012, NORLYS expanded their activities by establishing an advanced high-pressure aluminum die-casting foundry at their Polish location, producing parts for their own product range and for the automotive industry. NORLYS’ quality policy can be put in simple words: “Our goal is the highest quality of our products as per the requirements and expectations of our customers.”

As for the quality assurance of their die-cast products, NORLYS decided for the non-destructive X-ray technology. Several employees had attended a seminar on the subject “Digital radiography and computed tomography in industry” at the Foundry Research Institute in Krakow from June 13th to 14th, 2016 which had been organized by YXLON International together with Casp System Sp. Z.o.o. Additionally supported by a skilled X-ray inspector of Casp System with profound knowledge and experience who could clarify in detail all open questions regarding the inspection processes, NORLYS choice for the X-ray inspection system YXLON MU2000-D was easily made.

“The primary task is the detection of porosities and cavities in our cast parts. This X-ray system does not only enable us to assure the quality of our products.  Since the beginning of April 2017 it has been in operation for sampling inspection, and it helps us to optimize the casting parameters so that parts with minimum porosity are produced and scrap is reduced”, Łukasz Peciak, the Head of Quality Department explains.

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