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YXLON invests in CT technology

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YXLON International is kicking off a new era for its CT division with the inauguration of two new radiation-shielded bunkers for the development and production of computed tomography testing & inspection systems. Commencement is taking place within the framework of an international training course for application and sales at the corporate venue in Hamburg, Germany. This ultimate relocation of the CT division to Hamburg means that YXLON is now focusing its activities at the company’s headquarters and, as a result, creating the basis for driving the development of CT testing & inspection systems while distinctly streamlining production processes. The location at Hattingen in North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany, which had been responsible for CT systems since 1999, can now fully concentrate on its function as an inspection service center.

More than 50 members of staff from the fields of sales and application at locations in the USA, China and Japan met in Hamburg from the 10th to the 13th of March to brief themselves on the newest status of technology in the area of industrial computed tomography and become acquainted with the newest products from YXLON. Company specialists from Research & Development, Marketing, Sales and Application read papers on topics revolving around CT technology and presented the new functions exhibited by large-scale YXLON CT systems. Hands-on application training courses using the systems and several workshops topped off the theoretical agenda and offered opportunities to put newly received information directly into practice.

A total of 14 systems are currently available in the modernized demonstration hall, the adjoining production hall and application lab in Hamburg. They enable guests to be shown a wealth of possibilities for the non-destructive testing of materials using X-rays. Of these systems, 10 alone are purely CT systems or display an additional CT function. The range extends from microfocus applications like those utilized in the electronics industry, all the way to inspection applications with high outputs up to 600 kV, the kind of levels necessary for analyzing inspection items with very high densities, for instance large engine blocks. As an all-round ‛whiz kid’, the Y.CT Modular inspection system is equipped with a high-performance tube, a microfocus tube, a line detector and a flat-panel detector. With 7 possible manipulation axes, the most recent testing & inspection technologies such as laminography and helical CT are possible for parts of nearly all scales and dimensions. Inspection results in a quality never achieved before are attained via newly developed ring artifact correction.

Through this event YXLON International has made two points quite clear: the company’s major focus on computed tomography and the fact that developments are being driven strongly ahead precisely in this field. Ingo Grotkopp, Vice President R&D / Customized Solutions, and Sebastian Schreuder, Vice President Strategic Marketing, agree that: ‟As a result of these renewed investments together with corresponding advanced developments, YXLON is ideally aligned to do justice to the increasing demands placed by the industry while being able to advise its customers in a qualified and solution-oriented manner worldwide.”

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