Advancing foundry digitalisation: Norican’s Monitizer and ABP’s Digital Services agree to interface their products

Monitizer, part of Norican Group (DISA, Simpson Technologies, Wheelabrator, StrikoWestofen and ItalPresseGauss), and ABP Induction Systems have agreed to build links between their digital systems.

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The two foundry suppliers will now collaborate to create an interface that will share furnace data from ABP Digital Services with the Monitizer® Suite from Norican.

Monitizer is a modular, equipment- and brand agnostic IIoT platform for the foundry industry. Monitizer | DISCOVER collects, aggregates and displays data from multiple equipment, lines or global sites, with user-friendly reporting and visualisation tools that help unlock serious process improvements - fast. Monitizer | PRESCRIBE harnesses the power of AI to optimise an entire foundry process and is proven to drive average scrap reductions of 40%.

“I am delighted to announce that we will work with ABP to support data transfers between our systems,” says Nina Dybdal Rasmussen, who heads up the Monitizer brand at Norican. “The more data our customers can extract, the greater the potential for improvement – which is why we built Monitizer as an IIoT system capable of connecting all parts of the line. ABP enables a vital part of the foundry process and integrating data from their equipment will be a huge benefit for our joint customers.”

ABP’s portal “” is the gateway into digitalisation. It provides foundry equipment documentation plus specialised hardware and software which support intelligent management of equipment and skills while enhancing communication between foundry personnel. It also offers virtual emotional learning environments and digital twins, as well as a fully automated service application that includes a ticketing application and a 24/7 spare parts web store.

“Foundries need to be able to bring their data together in one place and everyone will benefit from this practical, constructive agreement,” says Till Schreiter, President and CEO of ABP Induction Systems. “ABP and Norican are both highly motivated to help digitalise the foundry industry and linkages like this between different suppliers are vital to support completely connected digital eco-systems. Without them, it will be impossible for foundries to extract the full value from their data.”

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