The smartest AI solution for foundries: Monitizer

A case study from Eurac Poole showcases exactly why it’s worth investing in.

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“We initially decided to partner with the Monitizer® | DISCOVER platform to enable us to gather our data and make decisions in real time. The Monitizer system gives us a real-time kind of view of the foundry so we're able to see that from the office block, as well as the shop floor – and it’s working very well.”

Shaun Lindfield, Commercial Director for MAT, Luke Batter, Process Development Manager for MAT and Phillip Grounds, Operations Manager for Eurac Poole, gave their testimonies about the Monitizer platform and how it has influenced their foundry for the better.

Monitizer® | DISCOVER is a powerful, easy-to-use tool which unlocks the power of IIoT by enabling users to collect and compare complete foundry data - including data from legacy software systems - between different equipment and/or sites.

“You can monitor KPIs over time, receive notifications, or intervene before unplanned stoppages and defects occur. It was easy to connect with the systems we already have and we were able to collect data from all our machines and hold it in a central location in Eurac Poole.”

Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE is the tool that’s built to make sense of complexity. It learns from your existing data to prescribe your optimal process settings for each casting and helps your operations team eliminate defects, dramatically cut scrap and minimize downtime. It’s a packaged service that’s quick and simple to deploy with rapid time to value.

“We always have DISA on hand if we need any help or support. They have a unique combination of foundry knowledge and digital experience which made setting up the system very straightforward. Overall, it was very quick and easy to implement and the Norigate in particular made it very simple to connect and we were able to access data in real time very quickly.”

The wisdom of your best engineers at your fingertips. Who wouldn’t want that? Or as the Eurac Poole team put it better: “It’s pushing the foundry into the 21st century. AI can optimize an entire process or manual methods. I’m hoping that the implementation of PRESCRIBE will help reduce scrap further. We will then be very keen to roll this out across the rest of the foundries within our group.”

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