CAEF - The European Foundry Association Announces Departure of Secretary General Fynn-Willem Lohe

The European Foundry Association (CAEF) today announces the departure of Fynn-Willem Lohe, the Secretary General, effective 31st December 2023. Mr Lohe will be transitioning to a new leadership position within the foundry industry, marking the end

of his position as Secretary General.

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Fynn-Willem Lohe has been a driving force behind CAEF's initiatives during his tenure as Secretary General starting in October 2020. This period was marked by a permanent state of challenges ranging from CoVid-19, over the outbreak of the Ukraine war to its consequences of an energy crisis and now the first signs of economic turmoil.

During this time, CAEF has achieved several milestones, such as intensifing the including fostering collaboration between members, advocating for the industry's interests on the European stage, and promoting sustainability within the sector towards member associations, foundries and policy-makers.

The largest projects in his office was the redevelopment of the governance structure (bye-laws) and reframing of CAEF mission as well as strategy. While bidding farewell to Mr Lohe, the Board is confident in the resilience and strength of CAEF. The association will embark on a thorough and transparent search for a new Secretary General to carry forward the legacy of leadership and continue the vital work of promoting the interests of the European foundry industry.

The association’s president Chiara Danieli expresses her gratitude on behalf of CAEF to its members, partners, and stakeholders for their continued support for Mr Lohe and the General Secretariat. Regular updates on the recruitment process for the new Secretary General will be provided to ensure transparency and engagement.

Background information on CAEF:
CAEF is the umbrella organisation of the national European foundry associations. The organisation, founded in 1953, has 22 European member states and works to promote the economical, technical, legal and social interests of the European foundry industry. At the same time, CAEF implements activities which aim at developing national foundry industries and co-ordinating their shared international interests. The General Secretariat is situated in Düsseldorf since 1997.

CAEF represents 4 400 European foundries. Nearly 260 000 employees are generating a turnover of 39 billion Euro. European foundries are recruiting 20 000 workers and engineers per year. The main customer industries are e.g. the automotive, the general engineering and the building industries as well as the electrical engineering industry. No industrial sector exists without using casted components.
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