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Collaboration for a sustainable future

The battle against global warming and the pursuit of enhanced competitiveness are not mutually exclusive, especially when it comes to international cooperation.

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Following initial discussions between Wesman Group, India and pour-tech AB from Gothenburg at GIFA 2023 in Düsseldorf, a collaboration was quickly established. Wesman took over the new design and construction of the unheated pouring device, adapted to the market conditions in India. pour-tech AB contributes its expertise, the laser technology, and other specific components. This collaboration results in a reduced ecological footprint due to minimized material transport from Europe to India and on-site production.

The collaboration has already begun its first joint project, with pour-tech AB supporting Wesman with insights from over 500 installed systems. The aim of the cooperation is the independent distribution, project planning, manufacturing installation at customer sites, and subsequent service of AI-assisted 3D line laser-controlled, unheated pouring equipment by Wesman for the Indian market. The partnership seeks to unlock the great potential of the Indian foundry industry, enabling the utilization of existing and newly established high-performance molding facilities and core package lines through an appropriate pouring process with increased yield. The pouring process should no longer limit the installed capacities of molding facilities.

During the IFEX 2024 in Bangaluru there was the first joint presentation, which was characterized by a very high encouragement from the Indian foundries.


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