Scheduling mess in June 2022 - Planned are Metallurgy Litmash, EUROGUSS and Metef in one week

We spoke with Dr. Mario Conserva Inventor and organizer of the International Aluminium event Metef in Bologna from

June 09 -11.2022

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​​​​​In times of pandemic uncertainties and the rapidly changing situation in regions, we have become somewhat accustomed to events being cancelled or postponed.

Last week, for example, the EUROGUSS planned for January 2022 was postponed to June 2022.

The postponement was due to the clear vote of the exhibitors and Nürnberg Messe then implemented this vote and chose the time window from 08 to 10 June 2022 as the only possible time slot.

If you now believe that everyone is satisfied, take a look at the exhibition and event schedule for June 2022.

When it is possible that the events can be held, there will then be three important events of interest to the foundry industry to choose from in one week.

It is particularly regrettable that EUROGUSS and Metef overlap, because the focus here is on aluminium and light metal casting.

For the organizers, exhibitors and visitors it will now be a matter of finding flexible solutions or setting priorities next year.

This week we also talked to Dr. Mario Conserva, organizer of Metef and pioneer in the aluminium sector, currently President of the International Aluminium exhibition METEF and CEO of Edimet Aluminium Consulting.

Read his statement and how EUROGUSS and Metef differ and what he would like to see in future event planning:

Dr. Conserva, how do you see the changed situation in June 2022?

Dr. Conserva:

First of all, we want to highlight the importance of the role of the foundry  casting industry within Metef, our event  has the merit of being the first exhibition in the world dedicated to aluminium, and naturally to the light metal foundry sector.   It is important to note that Metef is Metals, Extrusion and Foundry, the foundry and diecasting industry has always been a focal point of the exhibition , for many years we had a section of Metef by the name of Foundeq dedicated to. In Metef 2017 the diecasting industry covered 45% of the total exhibition area.

For this reason, we express our utmost concerns and disappointment for the overlapping of Metef and Euroguss international exhibitions, a situation that is not advantageous to us at all and which tremendously damages the industrial sector which we are engaged in representing.

In light of these unfortunate overlapping of the dates, I believe that it is of utmost importance that the organizers of our events should come together at time when important decisions are taken, and consult each other so that in the future we do not find ourselves unprepared and obliged to make last minute choices in order that we work towards mutual compromises.  

How does the situation now look in concrete terms?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Concerning the inconvenience that the overlapping of the dates has caused the companies, a number of exhibitors are reporting their disappointment in not being able to participate in both events for logistical reasons.

As we know, Metef has repositioned itself and with the move to Bologna is pursuing a new concept with new partners and covers the entire aluminum sector

Dr. Conserva:

Metef became a joint company in 2019 with 50%-50% shares between Veronafiere and Bolognafiere, between the most important exhibition hubs in Italy. As of this year, the organization of Metef will be managed by the company Senaf from Milan in collaboration with the historical team at Metef and the support of the international magazine A&L.

Senaf is owned by the publishing house “Tecniche Nuove” which has been operating on the Italian market for more than 50 years. Tecniche Nuove publishes numerous books and around 150 technical publications covering various industrial sectors. Senaf was established about thirty years ago with the aim of organizing specialized trade fairs. Today, they organize around 14 exhibitions in Italy and just as many overseas. devoted to specialized mechanics, plant engineering, logistics, fashion technologies, health, hiring and building industry.

One of the main exhibitions that Senaf organizes is MECSPE, a reference eevent for the manufacturing industry. The last edition was held last month from 23-25 November 2021, and it registered 48.562 professional visitors, 92.000 sq. of exhibition area, 2.024 exhibitors and 46 collateral events. The 20th edition of MecSpe alongside Metef has already been set for the 9-11 June 2022. 

Metef has joined the forces with Mecspe to relaunch the aluminium sector within such an important context devoted to the manufacturing segment to give exhibitors and visitors coming to Metef within Mecspe the opportunity to get in contact with realities from the entire manufacturing industry. It is clear therefore, that the 2022 edition of Metef alongside Mecspe represents a date of particular importance for the future development of the exhibition and it is for this reason that our disapproval for the overlapping of the dates is particularly felt by us.

I would like to emphasize that we will do our best to valorize in the best way possible the aluminium system within the manufacturing sector, by organizing  in the next 2022 of Metef in connection with Mecspe, important collateral events dedicated to the foundry industry as well as to the eco-sustainability of aluminium.

Thank you Dr. Conserva, all the best!

About Dr. Mario Conserva:

Continuously employed in the aluminium field since 1963.

Currently President of the International Aluminium exhibition METEF

General Director of the International Magazine A&L Aluminium and Alloys 

General  Secretary  of FACE, Federation of Aluminium Consumers Europe

CEO of Edimet Aluminium Consulting

Academic qualifications

Member of the Board of Centroal (Italian Aluminium Industries Association)

Member of the Board of Aital (Italian Association of Aluminium Surface  Treatments)

General Director of FACE (Federation of Al Consumers in Europe, Brussels)

Past President of Centroal (Italian Aluminium Industries Association)

Past Member of the Board of Assomet (Italian Non Ferrous Industries Association)

Past Member of the Executive Board of EA (European Aluminium Association)

Past President of EA Alubuild Market Group

Past President of the EA European Extruders Group

  • Author of over 800 articles and technical reports on aluminium, published in international specialist magazines.
  • Co-author of two manuals on aluminium.
  • Inventor and organizer of the International Aluminium event METEF in 1997



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