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On account of the present pandemic situation, METEF – the international expo for the aluminium, foundry and innovative metal industry – will be held on a new date, that is 10 -12 June 2021 at the BolognaFiere Expo Centre alongside the exhibition MECSPE, to confirm the shared targets of these two shows crucial for the upsurge of materials and innovative technologies dedicated to the global manufacturing system.

The industrial compartment that METEF represents is targeting to rebuild the activities as well as the human and industrial system put under strain by the global pandemic. “It’s time to head on to recovery and the production compartments we represent, with the related materials and technologies, are the starting points” – maintains Mario Conserva, President of METEF. “Aluminium is one of the big responses, a champion of sustainability, recyclability and real solutions for circular economy and for the reduction of carbon footprint, which will be the great challenge of the years to come in transportation, constructions, energy transport and in many other smart applications.”

Maurizio Sala, President of Foundry Ecocer and delegate of METEF Organizational Committee, stresses the role and the importance of this exhibition: “Future sceneries have changed and the new approach to adopt is the Green Deal promoted by the European Commission in order to boost SMEs by means of Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability criteria, which are the strength points of aluminium. Against this backdrop the role of METEF is crucial to enhance the know-how, the technologies and the Made-in-Italy excellence of our industrial sector.” 

Green aluminium, environment, access to raw materials, advanced technologies, innovation, international cooperation in sharing information and know how: these are the main issues of next METEF as well as of the traditional METEF Innovation INTERNATIONAL Award, at its 5th edition in 2021 and dedicated to the most important history cases of innovation development implemented on products, production techniques, converting, processing, finishing and applications, with special care for energy saving, eco-sustainability and resource preservation.

For over twenty years METEF has been a mate for firms, associations and institutions to represent and develop the industrial system and is now ready to deploy all its instruments to communicate, give visibility and generate opportunities for the recovery of our industrial sector. 

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