METEF 2017 an Increasingly International Affair

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The Metef Expo of Customized Technology for the Aluminum, Foundry Castings & Innovative Metals Industy, a benchmark event for the sector in Italy, took place in Verona from June 21st-24th, 2017 drew over 400 exhibitors and over 10,000 visitors.

There was a 25% increase in the number of foreign operators and visitors from the last Metef, and commercial delegations from countries with solid industrial traditions, such as the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia, and by markets where technical and production capacity is developing fast, such as India, Iran, Iraq, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, played a leading role.

The attendance of primary metal producers was notable and included HYDRO (Europe), the Gulf’s EGA and top management of the Gulf Aluminium Council, RUSAL (Russia), India with VEDANTA, and Iran. 

Metef 2017 highlighted the inversion in trend of the entire industry – aluminium and innovative metals, casting foundry, die casting, extrusion, rolling – by enhancing trends particularly favourable for development, especially in very dynamic transversal macro-areas, such as automotive, aerospace, and digitalization.

"It is clear that in many of the sectors of the chain that Metef represents confidence has returned. In a few years we have seen many transformations in metal foundries, aluminum machining, and digitization of companies. This edition of Metef recorded significant positive trends, reflected in the companies’ enthusiasm, the quality of the exhibits, the level of collateral events, and the substantial rise of visitors--especially foreigners--who visited the event, "says Mario Conserva, President of Metef.

Innovation is the leading theme for a show that, for twenty years, has been a witness to the excellence of the aluminium world and of the connected manufacturing industry; companies which won the Metef Innovation Prize this year are the essence of an industry which has been able to change and adapt in just a few years and return to the top of global rankings, companies which do not consider Industry 4.0 to be a little slogan but a great objective which has been achieved.

Over 400 quality exhibitors, a framework of side-events rich in contents and so tightly packed with appointments that it would be impossible to mention them all; worth remembering, for their international relevance, the panel on the future of aluminium by Assomet-Centroal and AFFG, the Opening Conference by the FARO Club regarding the automotive industry, the Aluminium 2000-Iceb Congress, the Italy-India Forum on trade between the two countries, the NADCA Convention on die casting.