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Pioneer in e-mobility: China goes green!

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Being a high-tech company, Ningbo Jianxin Huayi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. develops and produces castings for well-known Chinese and international automobile manufacturers. Ningbo Jianxin Huayi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of JIANXIN ZHAO´S Group based in Ningbo, Eastern China, with a current production area of around 12,000 m².

With the decision to further expand the production of aluminium castings, the production area was extended to 99,000 m². In this context, Ningbo Jianxin Huayi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. has also decided to broaden its portfolio with low-pressure casting. As a first step, the company has invested in an automated Kurtz low-pressure casting line with three AL 22-17 FSC casting machines for the production of aluminium subframes. The first phase will have a capacity of 200,000 castings per year and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. In the second phase, a capacity of 800,000 sets of subframes is planned by 2025. 

Last year, more than five million electric cars were registered worldwide for the first time. Approximately half of them are in China. In terms of e-mobility, China is thus a great leap ahead of the rest of the world. As early as 2025, one fifth of all vehicles sold in the People´s Republic will be electric. Ningbo Jianxin Huayi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. is helping to ensure that China receives the cast parts it needs for environmentally friendly e-mobility for the growing market. Ningbo Jianxin Huayi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. focuses on frames with and without cores – very demanding structural parts. Thanks to Kurtz´s good reputation and technological leadership, Ningbo Jianxin Huayi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. has also chosen Kurtz as its partner.

AL 22-17 FSC: Excellent equipment for flexible use
A particular challenging requirement was that large structural parts should be cast two-fold with a core. The way to the solution was demanding, but could be realized thanks to an excellent equipped and flexible Kurtz low-pressure casting machine type AL 22-17 FSC. In addition to accommodating the large die with a weight of approx. ten tons, the multiple riser tube system also had to be accommodated in the low pressure furnace. Eight riser tubes are in use in one furnace with a capacity of 2,800 kg. The gas produced by the large sand cores and their volumes is sucked out of the mould by the Kurtz core gas extraction system. Sand cores in the casting require extremely precise pressure control, which can “beat” the balance and accuracy between filling speed for thin castings, feed pressure and penetration of the sand cores. The “heart of Kurtz” – the pressure control – masters this task and is a guarantor for quality.

High casting quality with short cycle time
Of course, the casting machines are also equipped with all other key factors such as controlled water cooling and multi-coupling in order to achieve high casting quality with short cycle times. In addition to the proven machine technology, Kurtz was also the contact for the casting process. In close cooperation with the toolmaker, Kurtz also provided strong support in casting issues such as the gating system and cooling. 

Not only the acceptance of the casting machines took place at Kurtz, but also the core boxes and moulds were accepted by Zhaoshi Jianxin Ningbo Jianxin Huayi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd. in real condition prior to delivery to China. The partnership between Ningbo Jianxin Huayi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd., Kurtz China, Kurtz Germany and the toolmaker made it possible to deliver a perfect package. We are currently on the verge of the first casting in China, which we are already looking forward to with anticipation.

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