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One of the biggest automated boxes in Europe

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Initially founded in 1883 as a blast furnace plant, the first foundry was established in Amberg Germany in 1911 with the name Luitpoldhütte. We look back on a company history of almost 140 years.

What makes us unique?

Our automatic green sand molding line with a box size of 1555mm x 1155 mm x 500mm/450mm is one of the biggest in Europe.

With possible molds per hour up to 50, it is also not a slow one.

With this molding line combined with our core shop with over 20 core shooting machines from 2,5l up to 200l in Cold-Box, Hot-Box and Croning we are specialized on core intensive castings from 100kg up to 1.000 kg per part.

We are covering mid. size volumes from 300 to 10.000 parts per year.

Our main customers are well known brands in the Agriculture Industry, Compressor Industry and in the Engine Industry.

We are a professional partner for Gearbox-Housing, Rear-Axle-Housing, Compressor-Housings, Engine blocks, Cylinder heads and many more high-quality castings out grey iron, ductile iron and CGI (vermicular).

With our high skilled Engineering team, we want to be a partner in developing the best possible castings in terms of quality, castability and economically.

With over 500 employees on 298.000 m² of operating space we are able to produce 65.000 tons per year. These tons are melted in a lining less hot blast cupola and two mid. frequency induction furnaces.

“Go green” reducing greenhouse gas

As a foundry, we are aware of our responsibility, and we are working intensively and continuously to reduce our CO2 emissions. We want to make our contribution to protecting our environment and achieving climate goals.


Certifications of Luitpoldhütte GmbH:

DIN EN ISO 14001

DIN EN ISO 50001


Company Info

Luitpoldhütte GmbH

Sulzbacher Str. 121
92224 Amberg

Telephone: +49 (096 21) 640 - 0