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Foundry of Excellence – WESO - one of the leading foundries in Germany

WESO is - The plus in casting and specialises in high-quality iron casting products for the world market. We combine tradition and modernity - experience and innovation for more than 125 years very successfully with over 400 employees today.

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As a system partner, we support our customers right from the design stage, look for optimum production processes in the foundry and ensure the best product results with subsequent machining of the parts.
Finally, the assembly of the parts into ready-to-install subassemblies rounds off our range of services.

We produce high-quality foundry solutions for our customers at competitive conditions. Today, well-known companies use WESO's competence for the realisation of their sophisticated products.

WESO - The plus in casting

WESO offers more

  • from the design to the ready-to-install part
  • short distances, interlinking of plants
  • fast response capability
  • central location in Europe
  • good cost structure
  • stable location
  • The plus in casting
  • The increase in process efficiency is anchored as a corporate goal at WESO and is based on the fundamental idea of continuous improvement (CIP) for the customer.

The results of this:

  • Elimination of waste at all levels
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of throughput times
  • Increase in plant availability (RTM)
  • Intelligent maintenance strategy (ReVista)
  • High employee participation in the company suggestion scheme (German Ideas Award for the sixth time in a row)
  • Increased employee qualification and motivation guarantee the achievement of our goals
  • Securing the location and jobs
  • Securing the company's existence in the long term
  • Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction

The foundry with the plus
At WESO, over 400 employees manufacture high-quality grey cast iron products to the highest standards in one of the most modern foundries in Germany. We cast fully automated castings up to a weight of 120 kg in the materials EN-GJL and EN-GJS.
We are a foundry company that sees itself as a full-service provider for all aspects of casting. Before casting, the innovative implementation of the results provided by research as well as the in-house development department takes place.

This refers in particular to the improvement of material properties, which combines the optimisation of the casting process with the customer-specific required performance. Thanks to the targeted interaction of IT-supported processes in organisation, production and logistics as well as state-of-the-art foundry technology, WESO-Aurorahütte is able to react quickly to special customer requirements and offer solutions.

This ranges from the design to the ready-to-install component and also includes post-processing through machining technology and colouring.
We cast for customers from the heating technology, rail vehicle construction, agricultural machinery, transmission and mechanical engineering, vehicle and refrigeration technology sectors - WESO, the plus in casting.

Melting shop
At the heart of our state-of-the-art foundry are two hot blast cupola furnaces, which are operated in daily rotation.

The hourly melting capacity is 15 t. With this melting unit we melt cast iron with lamellar graphite (grey cast iron) as well as cast iron with nodular graphite (spheroidal graphite cast iron).

The responsible use of resources and the environment is deeply anchored in our guidelines. For this reason, we use the waste heat from the furnaces available to us to reduce the plant's remaining energy requirements.

Moulding plants
Our modern moulding plants and the experience of our employees guarantee consistently high quality.

Horizontal moulding plant
1 Heinrich Wagner-Sinto moulding line
Box size 1100 x 900 x 200 / 200 mm
Casting weights up to 150 kg

Vertical moulding line
Bale size 850 x 650 x 150 - 450 mm
Casting weights up to 50 kg

Core production
For the quality of a casting, an accurately fitting core is just as important as the pattern as a whole. Usually the production of the core for later cavities in the workpiece is the first step in the production chain and requires forward planning.

Manufacturing processes Hotbox and Coldbox
Core shooters 12 - 40 litres

Company Info

WESO Aurorahütte GmbH

Aurorahütte 1
D-35075 Gladenbach

Telephone: +49 64 62 / 921 - 0