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Foundry of the Week - Blackhawk de Mexico, S.A.

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Blackhawk de México, S.A., a ductile and gray iron foundry with the capability to produce casting parts from 5 to 400 kg in Green Sand and No Bake molding lines, serves clients mainly within the North American market. The company sells its products directly to OEMs and component manufacturers, and employs about 320 people.

In recent years, Blackhawk de México has increased its sales volume with clients like Sisamex, Sudisa, CNH de México, Conmet, Dana Corp., John Deere and Jaiter. At the same time, the company has developed the capacity to supply its clients with high value-added finished products, with the inclusion of machine finished products, using internal resources as well as external suppliers.

The company’s main production unit is located in Villa de Garcia, n.l., near Monterrey. This is a ffont-line, green sand foundry with an annual production of 25,000 tons of nodular and gray iron. The production lines operate on the basis of demand flow, designed to produce small and medium sized batches in an efficient way and with low-cost structure. The plant has full-test capability and is in a transition process to ISO TS.

We are able to produce rough castings or castings with value-added operations such as machining, painting, heat treatment, and sub-assemblies mainly for the following markets:

• Heavy and light trucks
• Agricultural and construction equipment and tractors
• Material handling
• Hydraulics
• Air conditioning and vacuum compressors.

Blackhawk’s manufacturing capabilities include:

• 2 horizontal Green Sand molding lines 20”x24” matchplate Sinto.
• 1 horizontal Green Sand molding line 32”x32” matchplate Sinto.
• 1 horizontal No Bake molding line 55”x47” IMF.
• Coreless induction melting.
• Manual and CNC Finishing

Our operation meets ISO 9001 (since 2004) and ISO TS-16949 (since 2009) certifications.

Representatives Worldwide

Blackhawk de México, S.A. de C.V.
Carretera a Villa de García Km 2.5 1-A
Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, 66350, México.
Tel. +52 (81) 8151 0300

Company Info

Blackhawk de México, S.A.

Carretera Villa de García Km. 2.5 1-A
66350 Santa Catarina, Nuevo León México

Telephone: 52 818 151 0300