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Foundry of the Week - DGS DruckgussSysteme AG

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DGS DruckgussSysteme AG has 80 years’ experience in producing high quality die casting parts with lightweight alloy for aluminum structural parts and complex, compact and thin magnesium parts in automotive industry.Since 2005, DGS has started producing structural die-casting parts, and worldwide with 3 production locations in Switzerland, Czech Republic and China. DGS is a well-known international casting and solution provider with special aluminum and magnesium alloys,  and has especially in the fields of structural parts for body in white, a worldwide leading position.

DGS China Co Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of DGS group, founded in 2007 in Nansha district, Guangzhou city. Since 2013, DGS China invested 150 million RMB and rapidly increased its sales by almost 10 times within the next 4 years, and becomes one of the very few first die casting foundries in 2014, which produce structural casting parts in series locally in China. DGS China is also the first Europe / America based foundry, which has an in-house tool design and production capability in China.

DGS China delivers both aluminum and magnesium products to local car makers, mainly used in their body in white, front and rear modules, steering systems, instrument panel assembly, handbrake and shift housing systems. Besides castings, we also provide ready-to-use solutions, including heat-treatment, machining, assembly etc. In middle of 2017, we will implement advanced manufacturing execution system in the production, so as to realize on-line control and traceability in all the processes.

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DGS Druckguss Systeme AG

Industriestrasse 10
CH-9015 St.Gallen

Telephone: +41 (0) 71 313 88 88