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Foundry of the Week - Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.

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The PGO Group has become Poland’s largest industrial group specialising in the production of castings and forgings. Through its ability to achieve the highest industry standards and global requirements, the Group has been able to partner with a number of companies from around the word including in Germany, France, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Great Britain, USA and many others.

PGO’s manufacturing sites deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services, from development of technological castings and forgings designs, fabrication and modification of patterns and tooling, selection of alloy grades, to production, rough or finished machining, heat treatment and testing of the finished products. This wide range of services provides an easier and faster buying experience for our customers.

Company Info

Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.

41 Armii Krajowej
40-698 Katowice

Telephone: +48 32 359 64 10