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Foundry of Excellence: Vioral S.A.

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Vioral was founded in 1958 in Athens as a small family business serving the local white appliances market with brass, zink and aluminium castings. The first exporting activity started in 1977 with a French company that is still VIORAL’s customer. In 2002 VIORAL decided to orient towards the automotive industry implementing ISO TS and investing in automation and in a robust and disciplined system.

Exports have been steadily increasing throughout the years. Since 2006 100% of production is exported to France, Germany, US, UK. In 2013 a Joint Venture in Romania with CAP Group set the basis for the creation of VIORAL Romania.

VIORAL S.A. is today a developing, and international acting die casting company having the automotive industry as a main focus. Our motivated and qualified personnel set the basis to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers. We are aiming to become not only a supplier of parts, but also an integrated element in the value-added chain of our customers.

Our target is the continuous development of our company on a stable basis through the expansion of our activities in the automotive industry. Best value on high-quality products is our key to success. To keep our high level of competiveness and reliability, we continuously expand automation in all our operations and incorporate new processes adjusted to our customer needs.

By integrating innovation in all our operations we remain aligned with the latest trends in automotive industry as defined by Industry 4.0. Interconnection of all our processes along with detailed monitoring and analysis of their parameters aim to increase our level of flexibility and lead to high optimization on all our activities combining high productivity with optimal resource utilization. Solid experience and continuous Improvement both serve our customer oriented strategy and set the basis to become a leading die casting supplier for the automotive industry.


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Nato Avenue, Nea Zoi
GR-19300 Aspropirgos

Telephone: +30 210 5596525