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Foundry of Excellence: WHB Automotive S.A.

WHB was established in 1993, after detecting a high potential for the automotive parts segment, for passenger cars and light utility vehicles. The company is specialized in aluminum and iron foundry, steel forging and machining of high precision components for the automotive segment.


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WHB Automotive is a Brazilian, family-owned company, headquartered in Curitiba/Brazil. The company was founded in 1993 aiming to supply the fast-growing automotive components market for light and heavy-duty vehicles in South America. From its humble beginning as a machining shop, WHB continuously expanded to become one of the largest, vertically integrated suppliers of aluminum and iron castings, steel forgings and high precision machining components for OEMs, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive suppliers in Latin America and abroad.

Despite all the difficulties the world is going through during this pandemic, in search of excellence WHB AUTOMOTIVE continued to work diligently to accelerate the implementation of the WHB Production System (SWHBP) in an effort to prepare its factories with a robust Quality System.

Furthermore, following the conclusion of a comprehensive six-month trial, WHB Automotive acquired the SinterCast System 4000 process control equipment. The acquisition provides WHB with independent capability for full series production of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI).  Throughout the trial, WHB has produced and delivered product development components ranging from 1,5 kg to 235 kg, resulting in the establishment of a robust series production process for the production of CGI in conformance with the international ISO 16112 standard for Compacted Graphite Iron.

WHB Automotive currently has a total capacity 250,000 tons per year of iron casting capacity (Kuenkel Wagner and Disamatic molding lines), including 150,000 tons of cylinder block and head capacity; 12,000 tons per year of aluminum casting capacity; 10,000 tons per year of steel forging capacity; and, more than 700 machining centers.

The company produces raw and fully machined components such as:

STEEL FORGINGS – connecting rods, crankshafts, wheel hubs, axle ends, king-pins;

IRON CASTINGS – cylinder blocks and heads, bearing caps, bed plates, exhaust manifolds, crankshafts, brake carriers & calipers, differential cases, rail shoulders, slack adjusters, axle housings, wheel hubs, front supports, crankshafts, spider brakes, pedestals and 5th wheels; center housing and turbine housing ( turbo systems )

ALUMINUM CASTINGS – cylinder blocks and heads, cylinder head covers, clutch housings, transmission housings, oil pans.

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Company Info

WHB Automotive International, Inc.

Rua Wiegando
1000 Olsen, Curitiba

Telephone: +55 41 3341-1900