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The RGU GmbH is pleased to announce our latest and most innovative upgrade and revision for the FRP®.OPTI system.

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With the motto in mind „Designed to meet your needs“, our developers have paid utmost attention to provide real innovative software solutions. All new solutions will be incorporated within 2022 into the latest release for our European clients at first. Subsequently one or the other software solution will also be incorportd into our FRP®.kompakt as well as FRP®.base standardized package. Our FRP®.melt solution platform – as long as it is fully integrated into the FRP®.suite - – will also benefit from these innovations. Here are the now the „highlights“ of our new release software FRP®.OPTI - 21.1!


The new RGU-FRP UIX interface

With the new RGU.FRP® interface (User-Interface Extended, UIX), you have a portal for editing, visualizing and displaying your FRP® data. The completely newly developed interface is based on the latest MDI technology, which opens up the free arrangement of a wide variety of content for you. This allows you to arrange the content you need according to your needs and optimize your workflow. Upon request the GUI interface is also available in the new FRP® UIX DarkMode.

Single Sign-On

Data security made simple. The single sign-on procedure increases the security of your system, as the password for access to the FRP®.OPTI system has to be transmitted only once. Instead of a large number of mostly insecure passwords, one single and secure password can thus be selected and after a one-time authentication at a workstation, the FRP®.OPTI system is made directly available.


Improved 4K display support

The 4K monitor offers a four times larger work display compared to the Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. This gives you more information at a glance. And, thanks to the MDI technology used in FRP®.OPTI, you can place all the content according to your requirements.

Up to date with x64

Release 21.1 is exclusively available as a x64 version. This takes into account the increasing demands of large data volumes, computationally intensive processes and programs, and ensures higher performance.

RGU-FRP Step-Progress-Guide

Achieve your goal step by step with the RGU.FRP® Step-Progress-Guide. In combination with our FRP® Input Sequence Controller, you can guide the user specifically through the process of data acquisition and the respective process status. The workflow of operations is simplified and incorrect entries are prevented. Of course, the FRP® Step-Progress-Guide and the FRP® Input-Sequence-Controller are fully configurable as per requirement.


RGU-FRP®.Responsive OI – FRAMESET 3.0

Get the most out of the information in your FRP®.Online Infosytem. With RGU-FRP®.Frameset 3.0, we provide you with a high-performance system for data preparation, data selection and data visualization. Easy to use and with an extensive range of options for data export. Of course, in responsive design and configurable in many ways.

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