Heger group of companies in Enkenbach-Alsenborn files for insolvency

"Other countries in Europe protect their industrial SMEs better," says Johannes Heger in the direction of the German government

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As reported by SWR, the companies of the traditional Palatinate-based Heger Group are in insolvency proceedings in self-administration. Extremely sharp increases in energy and material costs and a slump in orders in the wind power industry are putting a strain on the foundry, which is now to be restructured.

According to the company, all four companies of the Heger Group are affected by the insolvency application. The insolvency proceedings are to be conducted under the company's own responsibility. The aim is to restructure the special foundry for wind turbine parts and to reposition it in the market. Heger in Enkenbach-Alsenborn employs 130 people.

High energy costs to blame for Heger Group's insolvency

The Heger Group cited high energy costs as one reason for the insolvency. Since the beginning of the year, these had risen from about 100,000 euros per month to 700,000 euros. These cost increases could only partly be passed on to the customers.

In its statement, the Heger Group also criticised the federal government. Although the government had announced aid money for energy-intensive companies, it had not yet been paid out. A cheaper electricity tariff or further financial aid for small and medium-sized enterprises are being discussed, but have not yet been initiated.

"Other countries in Europe protect their industrial SMEs better."

Johannes Heger, Managing Director of the Heger Group in Enkenbach-Alsenborn.

Hardly any orders from the wind energy secto

In addition, there has been a slump in incoming orders in the wind turbine sector since late summer. Heger does not expect the market to recover until the beginning of next year.

"The extremely increased prices for electricity and raw materials since the beginning of the year and the added weak situation in the wind market are a poisonous cocktail for a foundry, especially if it melts with electrical energy."

Johannes Heger, Managing Director of the Heger Group in Enkenbach-Alsenborn.

Production at the foundry in Sembach (Kaiserslautern district) is to continue for the time being - also to preserve the know-how. There are only a few such specialised foundries left in Germany. The Heger Group had already announced in August that the foundry in Enkenbach-Alsenborn would be closed.

"We now have to make ourselves small as an energy-intensive company - go into hibernation, so to speak - in order to remain with our competences and capacities."

Johannes Heger, Managing Director of the Heger Group in Enkenbach-Alsenborn