Huge investment at CSABAcast Ltd. for an e-mobility project with 3200t DC cells

End of last year CSABAcast Ltd. has won the largest order in the company's history from a well-known German OEM.

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The new order is an electric structural housing for e-vehicles. The housing will be assembled into different versions of platforms for future electric cars . With this project, a new era has started in the company’s life and CSABAcast became a major player of e-mobility segment.

For the new project, the company will expand  the existing production hall with +6000m2 and invest in new die cast cells and complete automated production lines.Thanks to the new production hall and investment in full automation, the company has the opportunity and space to win further e-mobility projects.

CSABAcast Ltd. made great efforts and investments in previous years to maintain its market leading position in aluminum die casting. In parallel with technology developments, the company also places great emphasis on sustainability. The company is developing its second solar power plant , thanks to which more than 30% of its electricity consumption will be own-produced renewable energy by 2025.

The construction of the new production hall already started last year and the main suppliers for the new production equipment are already choosen.The company will invest in 6 units of brand new 3200t full vacuum die cast cells powered by OMS. The complete automatic production line will include machining, washing, testing, packaging and will be supplied by company Fill


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