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Introduction & Case Study Parameters


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In June 2019, Wollin, a German-based world leader in spraying solutions for the high-pressure die casting industry, made a significant move in the Indian market by implementing its first EcoSpray system for Rane (Madras) Limted – Light Metal Castings India (RML-LMCI). RML-LMCI is based in Hyderabad and a division of the long-established Rane Group, a manufacturer of various auto components established in 1929 and has been producing die cast parts since 2006.

With the goal of improving production in terms of economy, environmental acceptability, and efficiency, RML-LMCI turned to Wollin, who had the expertise and innovative technology to help them achieve their objectives.

The EcoSpray system was implemented following close collaboration between RML-LMCI, headed by President Mr. Sundar, and Wollin. Mr. Sundar, who has been in charge of the Units for the last 14 years, had a team of experienced professionals who were focused on the new technology and worked closely with Wollin to exchange all necessary information. This strong partnership between the customer and the supplier was essential to the success of the project.

Results of the implementation

The results of the EcoSpray implementation were immediate and impressive:

  • The cycle time was reduced from 76 to 69 seconds, and the total spraying time was reduced by 7 seconds.
  • Consumption of the concentrate was also significantly reduced, with a decrease from 2.8 liters of material at a mixing ratio of 1:100 to just 9ml of pure concentrate
  • The system also had a positive impact on other key parameters such as energy consumption of heating and cooling units, waste water treatment, and the quality of casting parts, leading to a reduction in the number of rejected parts.

In addition to the short-term benefits, the EcoSpray system also offered long-term advantages. The reduced thermal impact of the system was expected to result in a longer die lifetime, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. And the improvements in efficiency, reduced consumption, and energy savings all added up to significant cost savings for RML-LMCI.

Mr. Sundar was highly satisfied with the results of the pioneering project and stated that he would use the EcoSpray technology in future projects. Wollin, too, is looking forward to a good and prosperous cooperation with RML-LMCI and plans to launch more EcoSpray systems into the Indian market, offering even more benefits to potential customers


In conclusion, the EcoSpray system proved to be an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for die casting foundries looking to improve their production processes. The technology's ability to reduce cycle time, consumption, and energy use, as well as improve casting quality and die lifetime, makes it an attractive solution for foundries looking to reduce their impact on the environment and achieve cost savings.


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