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The Wind of Change will come, and we must be ready


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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

The second edition of the Advanced Light Metal Solutions Forum was an extraordinary gathering of brilliant minds, dedicated professionals and great guests. It was more than just an event; It was an inspiring convergence of innovative ideas and future possibilities under the leitmotif Avanced Light Metal Solutions - For a sustainable, decarbonized Automotive Industry.

Exciting presentations and intensive exchange with a view to an eco-friendly automotive industry

Seven years after the first edition, the Forum was the ideal platform for the 150 participants from 18 countries to make new and promising connections, to get in touch with customers and to consolidate fruitful relationships with the members of the FSA - Foundry Star Alliance. The strength and vibrancy of the industry network was confirmed through meetings and multiple interactions.

The interaction with industry experts and visionaries at Villa Baiana was a unique experience with meaningful discussions on innovative applications, emerging trends, sustainability and decarbonization in the automotive sector. The collective knowledge shared and the team spirit at the forum were remarkable.

The presentations and discussions also revolved around the development of so-called giga-castings in die casting and the entire peripheral equipment, but in addition, alternatives for e-mobility, for example made of steel, were also highlighted.

Keynote speakers such as Roberto Vavassori impressively showed how the energy turnaround can be successfully shaped, but also how much effort and energy will be necessary, especially if one takes the geopolitically different competitive conditions as a basis.

Sandy Munro travelled from the USA to share his experiences in the field of product development with the participants in a passionate and striking manner. Of course, the focus was on the advantages of giga-casting and aluminum for e-mobility, and Munro believes that much is still possible and that the hype for large structural components in die casting is only the beginning.

In the selection of topics, the organizers always succeed in blending a successful mix of general statements, specialist lectures from the foundry environment and product presentations by FSA members into an interesting whole.

The exchange of knowledge, insights and experiences has become synonymous with Villa Baiana and is to be continued. Great changes are coming, IDRA head Riccardo Ferrario is sure, we just have to be prepared. The future opens opportunities, and the organizers are sure that with the support and participation of their partners, they will be able to shape them in an innovative and sustainable way.

The organizers’ thanks are rightly directed at the commitment of the participants, who are an integral part and contribute significantly to the success. Add to this the charm of the location in Franciacorta, the proximity to IDRA's headquarters with the possibility of allowing sufficient exhibition space for all FSA members and the great hospitality.

About Foundry Star Alliance

The Foundry Star Alliance is a group of leaders in their specific field of activity who have decided to work together and combine their efforts to best support the rapid growth of the global HPDC light alloy markets. The global approach of the OEMs requires a level of knowledge and skills that is not available in a single company. FSA members work together and pool their collective resources and specific technologies, resulting in the best integrated, automated and reliable high pressure die casting production core on the market.


Speakers at the 2nd International FSA Forum:

Automotive News    
Luca Ciferri
How future CO2 regulations will influence powertrain choices around the world

Munroe & Associates    
Sandy Munro
The Die is Cast

Raffmetall S.P.A.    
Ruggero Zambelli
New generation of premium recycling Aluminum alloys

Gnutti Carlo Group    
Eric Müller
Connectivity @ Saltcore-technology towards sustainability

Stotek A/S    
Hans Henrik Würtz
Future molten metal system for zero emission foundries

KMA GmbH    
Christian Kurtsiefer
New solutions for heat recovery and exhaust air purification at melting furnaces

John Stokes
GIGA Tech – What`s next?

Brembo S.P.A.
Roberto Vavassori
Light…Years ahead

Arcelormittal S.A.    
Jérome Favero
Steel E motive

Voestalpine AG    
Karl Radlmayr
Different material usage

Magna Group    
Bastian Drees
Structural application and foundry challenges

Costamp Group S.P.A.    
Andreas Kant
Giga Tools challenges and opportunities

Fondarex S.A.    
Dominik Baumgartner
Vacuum and jet cooling for Giga Castings

IDRA S.R.L.    
John Stokes
New Thixo process

Bocar Germany    
Jochen Merz     
Bocar to remain a reliable Partner

IECI S.R.L.    
Fderico Di Giovanni        
Thermal Control for Giga Castings

Wollin GmbH    
Björn Wollin
Die spraying challenges

Meccanica Pi.Erre SRL    
Federica Pederzoli
Trimming and cutting operations

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