Inauguration China plant - Shenyang

GF Casting Solutions is fortifying its global presence and expanding customer relations in the Chinese market with its new plant in Shenyang, Northern China.

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The plant produces highly complex aluminum and magnesium castings for the automotive industry and is located close to the automotive manufacturers’ (OEM) production sites. With its own local R&D department and in-house tool manufacturing center in Suzhou, the new facility offers strong competencies along the entire value chain – located right on the customer’s doorstep. The inauguration ceremony was held in April 2023, yet the first die-casting in Shenyang took place already in April 2022.

The Shenyang plant’s production facility is not only state-of-the-art but the buildings also fulfil the latest sustainability standards and operate modern die-casting machines. Currently, the plant is producing lightweight components in series production. Specialized employees devote themselves to the production, machining and assembly of aluminum and magnesium lightweight solutions.

Thanks to the new plant in Shenyang, GF Casting Solutions is now empowered to deliver a higher number of units to its customers in the Asian market, such as structural parts and E-Mobility components. Large and complex castings, such as Cross Car Beams and Rear Side Members are amongst the plant’s key products.

The Shenyang plant is in accordance with GF's Strategy 2025 offering high customer value through sustainable logistics, following the “close to the customer” approach. This means that the company offers local customers in Northern China locally manufactured components with short transportation distances.

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