What`s about Gigacasting in Japan?

The interest bis increasing - Last week there was a seminar in Nagoya with IDRA and Costamp

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Idaka (Naka-ku, Nagoya, President Kenji Takada) held a seminar in Nagoya on the 13th on the theme of "Gigacasting" for  large aluminum casting technology.

The interest in this technology is increasing in Japan, with Toyota Motor Corporation announcing its adoption in next-generation electric vehicles (EVs), technology trends attract mainly  the automotive industry. Idaka is a machine and tool trading company. The seminar was co-sponsored by Hakata International Consulting (Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) and was attended by about 70 people, mainly from the automobile industry.

Handled Gigacasting technology

This technology is attracting attention as it is expected to significantly integrate parts and reduce costs by integrally molding large body parts, but only a few manufacturers are involved in this equipment. Idaka Managing Director Hiroshi Ishikawa said, "I hope it will be an opportunity to deepen my insight into Gigacasting," looking ahead to the expansion of the introduction of technology.

In Nagoya the technology was introduced by the leading Italian companies IDRA and Costamp. Casting equipment maker IDRA and mold maker Costamp took the stage and explained the technology and equipment and brought their experience. This was a comprehensive top Guide for the Japanese Automotive industry.


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