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Everything is possible - COSTAMP Giga Tools

On-site visit to the COSTAMP Group, a leading manufacturer of tools and much more

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

During our on-site visit to COSTAMP in Italy, we were able to see for ourselves the wealth of ideas and innovative strength with which the company is equipped. As a company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange AIM, the COSTAMP Group, founded in 1968, is primarily engaged in mold making tools for the die-casting industry and low-pressure die-casting as well as low-pressure forging.

COSTAMP employs almost 300 people across the group and handles several hundred projects a year for its clients. The machine capacity is considerable and includes the latest technology in all areas.

The modern COSTAMP Group also includes various business units that are closely related to casting

The ALUNEXT business unit operates a small foundry on its premises for the trial series production of HPDC, LPDC and LPF. Here there are die casting cells and a brand-new machine for low-pressure forging in use in the actual foundry. Three HPDC machines from 1900t to 3000t, one LPDC machine and two LPF machines.

As a mold maker, COSTAMP is always at the forefront, together with its customers, when it comes to the possibilities and implementation of projects for light metals in HPDC or LPDC. Customer orientation and thus process technology and economic efficiency therefore have top priority.

Based on long experience and cooperation, technologies have also been developed that give the company a certain unique position. One example is the PiQ² simulation software, which was used to develop a proprietary filling simulation for HPDC, which has met with great interest in the market. Castle, the software application by PiQ² is developed especially for HPCD in aluminum, magnesium and zinc. We will be happy to present PiQ² and the Castle software in a separate article at another time.

Another example is the "Puzzle die" project, which leads to an increase in the economic efficiency and service life of dies that deserves the highest attention.

It is not entirely coincidental that the COSTAMP Group also plays a leading role in the field of giga tools.

As company boss Marco Corti, together with Alberto Ratti and Andreas Kant, proudly informs us, COSTAMP is one of the few suppliers of giga tools for the 6000 - 9000 ton die casting cells.

Of course, this requires the necessary space and COSTAMP will invest heavily in this area.

In combination with the strong technological basis, a highly motivated team and the most modern equipment, economic solutions are to be achieved with the greatest proximity to the customer, which meet the great challenges of the time. COSTAMP seems to be well equipped and that is why the management is relaxed and optimistic about the future.

Visit COSTAMP also at the EUROGUSS Hall 7-742

COSTAMP at a Glance


Dies for High Pressure Die Casting

This is our “core business”

Dies for aluminum and magnesium parts

Customer base: 95 % automotive sector

Powertrain, EV and structural components

Giga tools

Puzzle Dies

Try-outs and production ALUNEXT

Extensive equipment for process simulation

Company Info

Costamp Group

Via Verdi 6
Sirone (LC)

Telephone: +39.031.875195