First pour in a brand new foundry

KOVA Foundry starts work with exquisite equipment

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On the 1st of February 2023 the first iron casting was made in a new foundry established by UzAutosanoat (the biggest automotive manufacturing company in the CIS, producing all range of vehicles and components to them). The new foundry was named after a famous character (KOVA) in “Shahnameh” (“Book of Kings”) written in the year 1010 by Persian writer Firdawsi.

The foundry was designed and engineered by the U.S. Foundry Solutions & Design (FS&D) in collaboration with local specialists from UzAutosanoat. Under the same roof No-bake (furan) and Greensand

It is located in a city called Andijan – the heart of automotive industry of Uzbekistan where main steel scrap material is formed in UzAuto’s stamping plants so then to be supplied to the new foundry. It consists of Melting, molding, fettling / painting and machining shops covering more than 27,000 square meters.

Several expansion stages with top suppliers from all over the world

The foundry is being built in 2 stages with more than 25,000 tons of good casting capacity per year. In the first stage 12 moulds / hour (1200 x 1000 x 350 / 350 mm) No-Bake fastloop line (by Omega Sinto) and Hanger type shotblast (by Gostol tst) was installed to produce castings for agricultural machinery parts ranging from 0,5 kg to 500 kg and additionally to be able to pour up to 2,000 kg parts on its floor molding area.

Top suppliers of the foundry equipment all over the world took part in this project – 4 furnaces with 12 tons / hr capacity ‘power sharing’ induction furnaces by Inductotherm, vibrating chargers by General Kinematics (CYRUS), engineering cranes by Konecranes and etc.

The second stage of the project will be launched by the end of 2023. Greensand side of the project is being carried out by HWS (125 molds / hr – molding line), DISA (100 tons / hr – sandplant), Wheelabrator (shotblast) and Progelta (tundish pouring system).

Greensand molding line will be producing brake discs, drums, knuckles and crankshafts for the locally manufactured vehicles of UzAuto (Chevrolet brand).

The 6000 square meters machining shop was designed by Fujiwa machinery industry (China) including 4 automatic robotic cells – 32 CNC lathe and milling machines, 4 balancing equipment, washing anti-rust equipment and magni C40 painting line.

In favor of quality control there are 3 laboratories in the foundry – metal lab, sand lab and machining shop lab being able to provide 26 types of tests.

We are happy about this great insight into the new foundry in Uzbekistan and wish the responsible entrepreneurs, engineers, foundrymen and workers good luck!