MAGMA 2023 Technological Seminars: Unveiling Metal Casting Technology Solutions Across Asia's Key Markets – Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia

In the wake of the global pandemic, adapting and thriving in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and industry has become paramount. MAGMA embarked on a mission to bring cutting-edge insights and innovations to the forefront through the MAGMA 2023 Technical Seminars.

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With a strategic focus on key markets in Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, these seminars aimed to bridge the gap between technology and industry while addressing the unique challenges faced by local manufacturers.

The journey began with MAGMA's proactive participation in several exhibitions across Asia. These events served as valuable platforms for the team to establish meaningful connections with industry players, and existing and potential customers within the local markets. The aftermath of the global pandemic underscored the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, prompting MAGMA to take the next step in fostering relationships within these dynamic regions.

The primary objective of the MAGMA 2023 Technological Seminars was to introduce the transformative capabilities of simulation and other pertinent topics in casting technology to potential customers in the local market. As industries worldwide face challenges related to casting production and quality issues, MAGMA sought to empower local manufacturers with tools and insights to enhance their processes and outcomes.

Recognizing the diverse dominations in the casting process across various countries, tailored seminar presentations were developed for each local market. These seminars aimed to address specific processes unique to each locale, with content carefully shaped to meet the precise needs and concerns of local manufacturers. The presentations featured in-depth insights and practical solutions, meticulously designed to provide actionable takeaways.

The MAGMA HPDC Technological Seminar exclusively centered on the HPDC process, addressing challenges in Electric Vehicle (EV) structural casting production. In the MAGMA GDC/LPDC Technological Seminar, the focus shifted to GDC/LPDC, presenting various solutions to minimize casting defects and enhance production efficiency. Simultaneously, the MAGMA Steel and Cast Iron Technological Seminar showcased diverse contributions, introducing innovative technologies to augment casting quality and bolster efficiency and productivity in steel and sand core production. Covering the intricacies of simulation technology and its real-world applications, attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of how MAGMA's solutions could drive efficiency and elevate the quality of their casting production.

Additionally, our long-standing customers, PT. Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia and PT. Akebono Brake Astra Indonesia, had participated in the events as presenters. They highlighted their use of MAGMA's simulation software, MAGMASOFT®, demonstrating its efficacy in the production of their casting products to the audience. Their presentations offered compelling examples of how advanced technologies like MAGMASOFT® play a pivotal role in attaining the essential level of quality control and optimization required for business resilience in these challenging times.

Acknowledging the significance of industry collaboration, MAGMA Singapore successfully invited industry partners and associations, including the Thai Foundry Association, Vietnam Foundry & Metallurgy Science and Technology Association, and the Asosiasi Industri Pengecoran Logam Indonesia (APLINDO), to join forces in promoting the seminars. This collective effort aimed to extend the reach of the event, ensuring that local stakeholders were aware of the valuable knowledge and opportunities that awaited them. By fostering collaboration, MAGMA sought to create a ripple effect that would contribute to the overall growth and advancement of the metal casting industry in these key markets.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Metal Casting in Asia

The MAGMA 2023 Technical Seminars stand as a testament to the commitment of MAGMA Singapore in propelling the metal casting industry forward in the aftermath of the global pandemic. By unveiling technology solutions, sharing insights, and fostering collaboration, MAGMA has not only addressed the immediate needs of local manufacturers but also contributed to the shaping of a resilient and innovative future for metal casting in Asia's key markets – Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


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