Magna shut down its plant in St. Catharines, Canada

As reported in the online magazine by Joanna Petropoulos, an auto part manufacturer has announced shutting down its operations at its facility in St. Catharines closed to Niagara Falls, Canada. This move will affect over 100 employees.

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Move to a different location in the Greater Toronto Area

Magna has confirmed that work being completed at the Venest Industries facility will be transferred to a different location in the Greater Toronto Area once the doors close. The phased transition is expected to take place from March 2024 to the spring of 2025.

Smooth transition for all affected employees ensured

The company describes the decision to transition away from its Niagara facility as a “difficult” one and says it remains committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all affected employees.

According to Magna, 137 employees will be affected by the move. The company says those affected will be able to “explore future opportunities” at one of its 50 remaining division across Ontario.


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