Strategic sustainability management at Römheld & Moelle

The foundry industry is currently facing numerous challenges: These include digitalisation, scarcity of resources and climate change, just to name a few.

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Additionally, there is an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly products as well as a shortage of raw materials and energy. In order to meet this demand, Römheld & Moelle Eisengießerei has been building up a strategic sustainability management since 2022 and  no, for the first time, the company gives an insight in its sustainability activities according to the standard of the German Sustainability Code with the indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Sustainability as an integral part of the corporate values

"Our customers appreciate the Römheld & Moelle iron foundry for the fact that we supply customised cast products with state-of-the-art technology, the highest quality, the shortest delivery times and with absolute adherence to deadlines. In future, aspects of sustainability will also be an integral part of our corporate values," states Christoph Althausse, one of the two managing directors of Römheld & Moelle. "As a company in the foundry industry, we are aware that our production has an impact on the environment, especially in terms of emissions, waste and energy consumption. We take our responsibility towards society and nature very seriously and are working intensively on the issue of sustainability. Ecological, social and economic sustainability are not a short-term trend " says Althausse

Ecological, social and economic sustainability are not a short-term trend

The company is convinced that ecological, social and economic sustainability is not a short-term trend, but a long-term guiding principle for a sustainable economy. "We see it as our duty to fulfil our social responsibility and not only meet but exceed legal obligations and customer requirements in terms of sustainability," says Althausse.

"Only if we act now can we be successful as a company in the future".

Römheld & Moelle's strategic sustainability management serves on the one hand as an internal instrument for recording the status quo of sustainability activities in the company, pursuing continuous further developments and achieving goals. On the other hand, the report provides internal and external stakeholders with a transparent overview of the sustainability aspects of Römheld & Moelle's business activities.

"We strive to continuously improve our sustainability activities and thereby make an active contribution to sustainability, environmental protection and resource conservation. Only by acting now can we continue to be successful as a company in the future while making a positive contribution to society and the environment," says Althausse. this is not only an economic opportunity, but also a benefit to society.


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