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Dipl.-Hdl. Heiko Lickfett (BDG Economist) leaves the association stage

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

Well-deserved farewell for the BDG economist during GIFA 2023. After more than 32 years of service to the casting industry, Heiko Lickfett was once again thanked in front of a large stage. In his eulogy, BDG General Manager Max Schumacher had words of praise and appreciation for the Head of Economics in the Association.

One or the other anecdote came to light, but the lasting characteristics of Heiko Lickfett were the most striking. The amateur triathlete demonstrated extreme commitment. He was convincing with his North German clarity, diligence and creativity, and was able to think outside the box when necessary. At the same time, he always had his own opinion, was disputatious in the matter at hand and fair in his dealings. Now Heiko Lickfett is going into well-deserved retirement, and his successor is Tillman van de Sand,  the BDG's former market analysis and economics officer.

We wish Heiko Lickfett an always interesting and lively retirement - Glückauf!


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