Optimizations in Micro-Spraying and a new Series of Spray Nozzles

GERLIEVA shows new developments at the EUROGUSS 2020

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Even if the technology in the die casting process using micro-spraying has made enormous progress in recent years to save lubricant and energy and to protect the die, there are still optimizations on a high level. 

The manufacturer GERLIEVA Sprühtechnik GmbH recently presented its latest developments at the EUROGUSS 2020 in Nuremberg: 

Customized spray and blow-out heads for micro-spraying

After a successful market launch of standard spray and blow-out heads for micro-spraying, the product range has been extended in recent months to include customized spray and blow-out heads for micro-spraying.

To the already known advantages of micro-spraying such as:

  • improved part quality
  • increase of the mould service life
  • reduction of compressed air, lubricant and energy consumption
  • reduction of environmental pollution and disposal costs for excess lubricant could be extended by reducing the cycle time.

Customized spray heads allow multiple dies or complex geometric shapes for structural parts to be sprayed in one position, constant and exactly repeatable. Moving the spray head or oscillating during spraying is no longer necessary. This results in a significant reduction of the cycle time.

New series of spray nozzles, reduce costs through less air consumption
For conventional spraying for cooling and lubricant, it is also becoming increasingly important to reduce the consumption of lubricant and especially to reduce the spray air consumption.

The consumption of compressed air in foundries is a very high cost factor. The reduction of the compressed air consumption and the spray air pressure, which must be kept in the supply network, can be successfully realized with this new series of spray nozzles.

With this new series of spray nozzles, lubricant can be sprayed homogeneously over a large area with significantly reduced consumption of spray air and pressure and this even with a better cooling effect per second.

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