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Robotics in Spray Process application

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Here is an example of a Robotic spray cycle:

Robots are used in the industrial environment to ensure repeatability of motion and consequently maintain a standard of quality. The advent of 5 and 7 axis robots has increased the flexibility of robots to new levels, with a positive impact on productivity.

Application of spray in various processes, while advanced in the painting software and hardware, has generally been neglected in the die casting  process. This is counter intuitive, since spray has a huge impact on quality of the castings produced. Many casters are continue to use "proven" old technology that only proves its inadequacy time and again.

The following is an example of custom a custom designed Spray head

GERLIEVA Sprühtechnik GmbH in Germany has been successful in developing a state of the art application system for the die casting and forging industries. Their ground-breaking technology was noticed by Exco Enginering of Newmarket, Canada, and they partnered to help their clients enter a new era of productivity. With GERLIEVA supplying the Spray technology and Exco Enginering designing and building die casting moulds and developing the casting process, clients have reaped a wealth of technological innovation.

In one particular case GERLIEVA and Exco have increased the production capacity of a client by 40%. What is more startling, the increase was achieved at only 5% of capital expenditure it would have taken to add die casting cells to get a 30% increase in capacity.

Co-operating closely, GERLIEVA and Exco Engineering were able to utilize existing Robots to introduce custom designed spray systems. By taking this approach, the client benefited because the training requirement for the work force was greatly reduced. In addition to this, the inventory of spare parts was kept standard, with only minor additions.By using the GERLIEVA\Exco designed spray technology, an advantage was gained over competitors who were exploring more mundane and "proven" ways of increasing production capacity. There are many solutions to today's productivity and quality challenges. GERLIEVA Sprühtechnik GmbH and Exco Engineering are positioned to evaluate the challenge, design and implement the solution, be it a small problem or a complete die casting program inclusive die design, build and process development.



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